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Hello and welcome to the web page of 6 Holly!

We can't wait to show you what we get up to throughout the year...


DT Lessons

Our DT this term is all about flapjack. How delicious! The children have already been working hard towards their end goal of creating their own finished product. The children have been busy researching exisiting packaging and nutritional information; generating questions using market research; taking home questionnaires for their families to complete; answering their own questionnaires on Google Classroom using Google Surveys and then analysing the results ... busy, busy, busy!

 We shall be moving on to designing our own packaging and then baking our very own, delicious pieces of flapjack. We can't wait and we will keep you updated with our progress. Have a look at us in action below.

Our Trip to the Yorkshire Museum

Our trip yesterday was such a lovely day. As always, the Yorshire Museum and its lovely staff did not disappoint. Take a look below at all the Roman things we got up to (and a few other things beside). 6 Holly certainly deserve a class point for all their hard work and excellent behaviour throughout the day!

Building Bridges for Roman Villas

Roman Numerals, Latin Words and Playing Roman Games

Being Roman hairdressers

being roman cooks

mosaic making

Times Tables Rockstars!

A huuuuuuge well done to these three for being the top performing children in 6 Holly throughout the TT Rockstars battle with 6 Beech (in which 6 Holly was victorious). Well done Amber, Rytis and the overall champion, Tyler, for all your hard work!

Picture 1

Roman Homework

A fab mosaic from Maddison of her lovely dogs; Buddy and Ivy! A great effort!

Picture 1

Even More Excellent Homework

The wonderful homework keeps on coming! Look at what we received this week...

Science Lessons

In our science lessons this week, we have been learning all about pivots, levers and fulcrums. We did lots of predicting; had lots of scientific chats and experimented with weights to help us develop a better understanding. Great team work, 6 Holly!

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Historical Presentations

Recently, 6 Holly were given the opportunity to research to find out all about the lives of the Ancient Roman people. The children then had to present their findings to the whole class; a very daunting task. The children, however, did incredibly well, choosing either PowerPoint or good old pen and paper to present their findings. Great job, 6 Holly (and Mrs Pask).

Children In Need Fun

Children In Need Fun 1

The children would like to thank you for all your donations to what is such a great cause!

More Brilliant Homework

Well done to 6 Holly for all their efforts with the Chilli Challenge homework, especially when it comes to the more practical activities. Here are some more excellent shields and mosaics...

Picture 1
Picture 2


A new half term brings another area of PE. This half term, our indoor PE sessions shall revolve around gymnastics. Mrs Marsh has already been incredibly impressed with what she has seen. Take a look below to see us in action...

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6

Ellie and Kallie.mp4

Still image for this video

Performance Poetry

We had a great time earlier this week (5.11.18) working on some performance poems. We based our acrostic poetry on Bonfire Night and used a range of devices from onomatopoeic words (such as crash, boom and bang) to alliteration to repetition. 6 Holly delivered some excellent performances and we shall put some up on our class page when we have perfected them. Have a look below at us during rehearsals.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

'Whoa, Slow, Go!' Packed Lunch Workshop - 2.11.18

Helena came in and helped us work through some activities to teach us how to look after ourselves. This included learning about what we could bring to school to make our packed lunches delicious yet still healthy. We learnt all about which foods we could substitute for others, either to help us to feel more full or to make more healthy choices. We had great fun. Thank you, Helena!


Greek and Roman Day - 31.10.18

We spent the whole day last week dressed as Greeks and Romans and enjoyed a carousel of different activities. Some of these involved things such as mosaic work, Greek food tasting, catapult making, computer coding, Greek and Roman God Top Trump making as well as marching up and down a very chilly playground pretending to be soldiers. A great time was had by all!



Our children have been working really hard to pass their Bikeability tests. The teachers who led the sessions were very impressed with the determination and understanding of safety that all the children in the class demonstrated. Well done, 6 Holly. You made me a proud teacher!

Picture 1

Wonderful Homework

6 Holly are really astounding us with their efforts with their homework this half term. We have had some very detailed and realistic shields as well as some very colourful and eye-catching mosaics. One that really impressed everyone was Amber's. Amazing work, Amber!

If you would like to see everyone else's efforts, then please scroll down and click the link near the bottom of our class page. We can't wait to see what else appears this term.


Picture 1
Picture 2

100% Attendance Success

Picture 1
Well done to Ellie-Mai for 100% attendance whilst being in 5 Holly. A great achievement, Ellie.

Ancient Greek Artefacts

We have all enjoyed using our questioning skills to help us develop our understanding of life what life was like in the Ancient Greek times. We looked at a range of artefacts; from an oil lamp to amphoras (Greek jugs). We tried to guess what they were first and we didn't quite get our guesses correct but then, after some careful thought, we came a little closer.  

Naima - Our Star Cyclist!

Picture 1
A huge well done to Naima, who passed her cycling tests this week after only learning to actually ride a bike the week before. We were all very proud of you, Naima. Especially Miss Howlett, who chose to award you this certificate to show you how well you did! Keep riding!

Maths Games - Rounding

Here in 6 Holly, we love to be a little competitive and battle against our partner in maths games. This week's game was one where we had to round our way to mathematical victory. We had lots of fun and consolidated our rounding skills at the same time. Well done to all the champions!

Maths in 6 Holly

Picture 1
Picture 2

We love using Tarsia Triangles to show our understanding of different aspects of maths. This lesson was all about multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. The children in our class proved to be very competitive. Great to see!

6 Holly Reading Buddies

In our classroom, we really like helping each other out with our learning. This helps us to improve and also build on our relationships with our peers. Here you can see us busy in DEAR time. Our class reading buddies love to help each other!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Science - Water Resistance

In our science lesson this week, we had a great time making boats. We had to make a boat with only one piece of tin foil, that would both float, move across water the fastest and hold the most cargo. We used all our understanding of water resistance and streamlined objects and had great fun doing so! Have a look at the photos to see just how much fun we were having!


In our French lesson this week, we have been learning all about actions. We loved playing the games to help us with our vocabulary understanding. Take a look ...


DEAR Time 1

As you can see, Fenton is really getting in to DEAR time in 6 Holly!

The Body Coach Workout

We loved the Body Coach Monday workout today. We really got our hearts racing and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We can't wait to try Tuesday's!

School Councillor and Team Captains

Picture 1

After lots of speeches and voting, Year 6 chose their School Councillors and Team Captains this week.

A huge well done to Alyssa and Jacob who were chosen to represent their houses; Mars and Neptune. As well as a big hand to Adam, who was chosen by his classmates to be our School Councillor.

I am already sure they will fulfil their new, important roles to the very best of their ability.

Turning Over a New Leaf

At the start of the year, Mrs Cvijetic set the school the challenge of 'turning over a new leaf'. This meant that it was a great chance for us (teachers included) to think of areas we know we can improve on and start the school year by working to do this!

It was a really tough decision for Mrs Marsh as she could only pick two children from a class that was very well behaved to start with!

The chosen two children who received the certificates were:

Harry - a self confessed chatter box who decided he would try hard to not talk so much. Harry's behaviour has been impeccable and he very much deserved his certificate.

Jasmin - she could sometimes be a little shy with her work and not want to show it to Mrs Marsh. We do not know why because it has always been done to a high standard and Jasmin is already growing in confidence.

Well done Jasmin and Harry (along with your classmates) you have both made an excellent start to the year! 

Picture 1

Sporting Success!

Kallie seems to be starting the year as she means to go on! A massive well done to her, after she was able to collect ALL her trophies from the 'End of Year Sports Presentation Awards'.

Picture 1

Timeline of History

We have been starting off our topic of 'Empires of the Ancient Worlds' by investigating timelines of history. We looked at everything from the Stone Age to the Romans to the Tudors and beyond.

We now understand a little bit more about where the Ancient Greeks fit into History and are ready to start learning all about their lives.

Science Lessons in 6 Holly

So far, the shiny new 6 Holly are making an excellent start to the school year and working their socks off! This was no different in Science this week. We loved using the Newton metres (which we found out were named after Sir Isaac Newton). Take a look at us investigating both the mass and weight of objects so we could then work out what their weight would be on the moon! Lots of fun was had destroying Mrs Marsh's classroom in the process!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Our Buddies

This year, it's all about the girls where our buddies are concerned. So far, they are doing an excellent job in their roles. Well done, girls!

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Push Up Days - July 2018

5 Holly (aka the new 6 Holly) worked so hard on their two push up days with Miss Lowe (soon to be Mrs Marsh). They drew some amazing Roman Soldiers or Greek Amphoras (vases).

Harry did an especially good job, completing both activities to a high standard!

I think we are going to have an excellent year!

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