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Welcome to Nursery


We have had a fantastic start to Nursery this year with children forming positive relationships with staff, making new friends and exploring the Nursery.

Mrs Bennett, Miss Radley, Miss Jukes and Miss Khanom have really enjoyed getting to know the children and finding out all about them.

We are looking forward to having some new friends joining us in January with our new intake.


If you have any questions or queries please see a member of Nursery staff who will be more than willing to help you.


Thank You!

Snail Watch


In Nursery we are very excited!  We have discovered some snails eggs in our bug hotel!

Keep checking back for updates - we can’t wait to see what happens next!


13.2.19 - eggs discovered in the bug hotel by the children.  Miss Radley and the children use google to find out what they are.  They discover that they are snail eggs.

We talk in our groups about how important it is that we don’t touch the eggs.


14.2.19 - The eggs looked a little darker today.  Miss Radley and some children researched on google again.  We have discovered that snail eggs do get darker as they develop over time.

In Nursery we........

Thank you to everyone for supporting our Nursery Christmas workshops this year.

The children all enjoyed themselves and it was lovely to see so many adults getting their hands covered in paint, glue and glitter!


We all made hats to wear for our Christmas dinner and enjoyed it very much!


We are looking forward to our Christmas parties this week!

Children In Need 2018


This year we had 2 fun days in Nursery to help raise money for Children In Need.  

The children and adults all looked fabulous and had lots of spotty fun!

We put stickers on Pudsey, made our own masks and hats, drew pictures of Pudsey, went on spot/circle hunts and made marks in yellow sand.

Have a look at the photographs below!