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"Out Of The Mouths Of Babes" - updates from the children

5th October 2017

Miss Earl asked "what do you remember about the police visit yesterday?" and "what was your favourite part of the police visit?"

Seth: "I liked going in the van".

Hannah: "pressing the sirens".

Zarek: "I loved the front best - to do the sirens".

Abigail: "going in the back of the van".

Ryder: "going in the cage".

Shadow: "the front - I pressed the thing that goes woo woo".

Ayla: "going in the cage - I didn't want to come out".

Lola: "going in the back - I was sitting in there and PC Martin shut it".

Gaius: "I sat in the front, I sat in the back but I didn't want to sit in the middle".

Reggie: "there were four in the back".

Amelia: "I pressed the siren - the yellow and red button".

Amelie: "I went in the front".

Jack: "he told us only super naughty people have handcuffs on".

Amelie: "he had a long thing to hit bad people with".

Leila: "a baton".

Shadow: "if you put spray in eyes it stings - just for baddies".


14th September 2017

Miss Earl asked, "what is your favourite thing at school?"

Hannah - "The best thing is outside. My friends are Amelie and Shadow and Jake".

Leila - "I like doing drawings".

Ruby - "I like making pictures for mummy and daddy".

Amelie - "Painting is my favourite thing".

Mahriya - "I like craft"!

Holly - "I like playing with the playdough".

Kayden - "I like making things".

Gaius - "I’m happy because I do lots of painting and colouring".

Jake - "I like reading books and craft and playdough".

Reggie - "I like dressing up as a pirate".

Zac - "cutting".

Abigail - "painting".

Lola - "playing with the dolls".

Zarek - "playing with playdough, drawing and playing games on the big screen".

Lacie -" dressing up".