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We have recently carried out a review of the whole of our curriculum;  our new curriculum is now in place from September 2019 onwards with a years transition onto the new long term plan which will run from September 2020.  We have a theme overview to see at a glance what your children are learning.  More detail is then available on the year plans and subject plans. Click on the 'Our Curriculum' tab for the detail.


 Excellence, fun and creativity are at the heart of our broad and balanced curriculum.  It aims at developing the whole child:    intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.  We provide opportunities through a wide range of activities, both in and beyond the classroom.  Through first hand experience we endeavour to educate and celebrate the whole child.    

Our children are happy, busy and have a thirst for learning, they are well motivated and have positive attitudes to learning.  We help children accept responsibility in all areas of their education and know that building confidence and self-esteem helps develop each child’s full-potential.  Our ambitions for every child are high, we want them to achieve their best and celebrate their own and other people's achievements.  We encourage our children to be self-disciplined and develop a growth mindset towards their learning.  Through careful assessment and planning we ensure that the needs of individual children are met, offering support and extension where needed.  

At Berkeley Primary School we have developed a creative and flexible curriculum which is based on developing skills, knowledge and understanding.  Each term we inform our parents of what the children will be learning in the next term, this enables parents to support their children when getting books from the library, planning days out and carrying out extra research at home.

We review and revise our topics to ensure they meet the needs and interests of the children. The school follows the National Curriculum, to ensure our standards are pitched accordingly and the curriculum meets the needs of our children.  If you would like further information about our curriculum please contact your child's class teacher or a member of the leadership team.

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.