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2021 - 2022

A new year, a new hope and plenty to look forward to. We are looking forward to venturing back out into the world to compete in Inter School competitions and also build on Intra School sports events for every year group. 

Follow the events on this page to see how our children are getting on in Physical Activity lessons and any forthcoming competitions or events.

What an incredible first event back for our Berkeley athletes. A brilliant display of running from all the children who participated down at Appfrod on Thursday 7th November.

Such a proud feeling to see all the children wearing the Berkeley colours again and representing the school in such a fabulous manner. I cannot wait for the next one. GO BERKELEY!

2020 - 2021

Virtual events & Competitions

This year we have taken part in a range of different 'virtual' sporting events. Some of these have been whole school challenges whereas others have allowed our children to compete against other schools in a series of inter school events hosted/led by the Get Ahead Partnership.

These are the events we as a school have been a part of:

Autumn Term


Lapland - Completing as many laps of a 300m course over a 2 week time period. Our KS2 children won this virtual challenge, you can see our trophy in the images below. Well done everyone, this was an brilliant effort from all involved.

Speedbounce - How many speed bounces could each child complete in 20 seconds. This is much harder than you'd think. We had some excellent scores and several top 3 finishers ,in their year group, once all schools had submitted there results.

Map Magic - An Orienteering challenge which saw our children trying to find as many objects, in a given location, starting with the 26 letters of the alphabet. This was great fun and the children were very creative when matching certain objects to letters.


Summer Term - Virtual Challenge League


20.4.21 - 30.4.21 - Step Challenge - Provided with pedometers, the challenge was to get in as many steps as possible during the school day. Every day, 2 children from a year group were handed the Fitbits and the challenge was afoot. Unfortunately due to the bad weather, our step count wasn't as high as it could have been but well done to all those who were chosen and gave this one a try. Let's hope we have better weather for the next challenge.


3.5.21 - 14.5.21 - Bee Netball - For these 2 weeks we were set a passing challenge. Set 2 metres apart, the children had to make as many chest passes as possible without dropping the ball. This challenge involved the whole class and tensions ran high as children across the school readied themselves for what ultimately was just a catching activity. proved much more challenging than we ever thought.

Here are a few of our results.

6 Beech 462 passes (Wow!!!)

5 Beech 262 passes

4 Beech 36 passes

Reception - Holly - 6 passes

                  Oak - 10 passes

                  Beech - 3 passes


17.5.21 - 28.5.21 - Cricket - Well, if you thought catching was easy, throwing a ball at a set of stumps shouldn't be too bad either. But what if you had to try and hit the stumps from as far away as you possibly could? This was our next challenge. 

Year 6 - 

Year 5 - 22m & 27m from Mrs Heaney

Year 4 - 18.8m

Year 3 - 25m

Year 2 - 5.7m

Some fabulous distances here from our children and a big well done to Mrs Heaney who had the furthest distance achieved by a member of staff. Sign her up for a rounders team!


7.6.21 - 18.6.21 - Athletics (How far can you jump?) - Our latest challenge is all about jumping. In teams of 12 our classes had to see how far they could jump in one continuous line. So, team member one would jump, place a cone down and the second team member jumps from this point and so on. We clearly have some very springy children in our school and achieved some impressive results.

6 Oak - 21.6m

6 Beech - 21.2m

6 Holly - 22.5m

5 Oak - 19.3m

5 Beech - 18.7m

4 Beech - 20.25m

3 Oak - 19.1m

1 Oak - 14.8m

Congratulations to 6 Beech on a mammoth total, they do have a lot of our Sportshall Athletics jumpers from when we last competed in this event in Year 4.

I wonder what we would manage as a staff?


Some action shots from the various challenges

What is the purpose of the PE and Sport Premium?

The PE and sport premium is a predetermined amount which the government has agreed to allocate every school. The funding is used to help provide additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils.


At Berkeley Primary School, we are driven to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles within all our pupils. Through this funding, we are able to offer an ever increasing range of sporting opportunities through clubs and at an inter school level.


It is for schools to decide how the PE and sports premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess areas for improvement. Audits of teacher skills and confidence, current PE provision and resources as well as results from pupil voice surveys are used to most effectively decide upon areas for future spending.


Please click on the documents below to see how we spend our funding.