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This week our story is called Stick Man by Julia Donaldson

When we read the book we are going to be thinking about words which we are not really sure about - maybe we might not have heard these words before or 

don't know what they mean.  


In small group time we are going to be painting a picture of Stick Man.  We will be thinking about holding paintbrushes and how to use it effectively to create our picture.



In Phonics we are going to be listening to different sounds from the environment to try and identify them.  


Watch this video with your children to see if you can identify the sounds!


Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills

We are also beginning to introduce sounds of the week.

This week we are looking at the sound 'a'.

We are listening to the sound the letter makes, singing a song about 'a' and trying to think of words which begin with 'a'.

Letter 'A'_Jolly Phonic song

Jolly Phonics song to the letter 'A', which includes a slow speed and the normal speed.

In maths this week we have taken a well known number song and given it a Christmas twist.

Can you recognise the song?


5 Christmas puddings in a bakers shop

round and fat with sugar on the top

along came ........ with a penny one day

bought a Christmas pudding and took it away.


4 Christmas puddings....

3 Christmas puddings....

2 Christmas puddings....

1 Christmas pudding....


Learn its are facts that we like children to know.  These change over time and continue as children move through into Reception and beyond.


Our learn it this week is for children to know that we have 2 hands!  


Finally we are continuing to prepare for Christmas.  We are going to enjoy our Christmas dinner this week and we hope to see lots of you at our Christmas workshops!