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This week our story of the week is Hairy Maclary - a firm favourite of the adults in Nursery.  This has been chosen as the children have been crawling around Nursery pretending to be dogs in the last couple of weeks.  Children have been making leads in the construction area and barking at the adults!


We are linking this to pets and taking care of animals.  Thank you to everyone who has uploaded pet photos onto Tapestry.  We will be using these photographs to encourage the children to talk about how they take care of their own pets.


In phonics we will be playing Doggy Doggy - listening for the direction the sound is coming from and singing our song of the week.


In Maths we are continuing to think about what the next number is and number recognition.

We will be singing the song '5 little dogs' and start to use the language of subtraction.

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy - Books Alive!

Books Alive! presents a reading of the Lynley Dodd classic Hairy Maclary. Hairy Maclary's friends join him for a walk until, with a sudden yowl, a wail and a howl, they all run off. What could have caused such a scatter of paws?

Five Little Dogs Children's Song | Nursery rhyme Count to 5 | Patty Shukla

Five little dogs. Finger puppet song. Count to 5 with 5 Dogs Running Around, counting song for baby, toddlers, children by Patty Shukla. Lyrics 5 dogs, 5 dogs running all around Mama says it's bed time So one dog laid down And now there's 4.