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This week we will continue to think about leaves.  We will need to start sweeping our outdoor area as the leaves fall off our trees!


We will be continuing to talk about the season of Autumn and watch the leave flutter to the ground.



Rhyme of the Week


This week our nursery rhyme is going to be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - this is a firm favourite in Nursery.

We are going to sing the song and encourage all children to join in with the actions.


Number Song of the week


This week our song is going to be  5 Little Ducks.


We will be continuing to encourage children to represent numbers on their fingers with a focus on showing the correct amount.  


We will also be introducing the idea that anything can be counted - not just objects but jumps, claps or taps on heads for example.  This is a game you could play with your child at home.


It's all about 3 - concept of 3


This week we are going to be finding out about the number 3.  We will be looking at the numeral, looking at ways of representing '3' - on our fingers, on paper or with objects.

We will be looking for things that are in 3's.  We might find 3 leaves, 3 wheels or 3 friends - if we look very hard we might see the numeral '3' around the Nursery.

We would love to see any photographs of your child on a '3' hunt at home!

Have a look at the link below - it's all about the number 3!