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In Nursery the children and staff are developing an area of our outdoor space and we are hoping to start growing plants and vegetables soon.  As we have been preparing the area we have been fascinated with the amount of worms we have found!

This week in Nursery is all about worms!!!

We are going to make a wormery so we can observe and talk about worms, listen to poems and facts about worms and draw what we see!


Our rhyme of the week is Wiggly Woo.


We are going to be thinking about segmenting and blending words in phonics this week and in maths we are going to be thinking about totals and beginning to use the language of addition as well as continuing our counting and number recognition.


We are encouraging the children to really try to write their names - last week the children rose to the challenge and lots of children were attempting to copy letters and give marks meaning.  We hope this will continue this week!



Wiggly Woo | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

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