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This week we will be focusing upon the Christmas story.  

We will be reading the Christmas story and introducing children to the story of Jesus' birth.

The children will be encouraged to talk about journeys they have taken - it might be as simple as a journey to the shops on the bus or a journey on a plane on their way to holiday.



In Phonics we are going to be thinking about body percussion and actions.  

We continue to practice oral blending this week.  This is a key skill in learning to read.  

We will be playing games where children have to follow the instructions.

Adults might ask the children to j-u-m-p, to make a sound like a c-a-t or to touch their ch-ee-k.  This is a game you can play at home to help your child to develop further.


We will be introducing 'sound of the week.'

This week the sound is 's'


Number Song of the week


This week our song is going to be 5 elves.  We will be thinking about simple number problems such as how many are left.