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This week our story is about a little girl called Bo who is going to her very first Bonfire Night Celebration.  

When we read the book we are going to be thinking about words which we are not really sure about - maybe we might not have heard these words before or don't know what they mean.  Look out for the words being sent out on the app or Tapestry so you can talk about them at home.


We are going to be theming lots of our activities around fireworks this week.  Children will be invited to create artwork, make vocal sounds and draw firework patterns alongside a firework sand/glitter tray, sparkly playdough and a firework loose parts tray on the new phonics table.



In Phonics we are going to be making vocal sounds - focusing on the sounds that fireworks make.  We would love to see videos on Tapestry of your children trying this at home as well!


Number Song of the week


This week our song is going to be 1 sparkling, 2 sparkling 3 sparkling fireworks, 4 sparkling, 5 sparkling 6 sparkling fireworks, 7 sparkling 8 sparkling 9 sparkling fireworks, 10 sparkling fireworks in the sky.


We are going to be encouraging the children to use simple adjectives to describe objects. 

In small group time we are taking early steps towards counting objects with 1:1 correspondence with the children knowing that the final number we say when counting objects is the amount of objects there is.



It's all about 5 - concept of 5


This week we are going to be finding out about the number 5.  We will be looking at the numeral, looking at ways of representing '5' - on our fingers, on paper or with objects.

We will be looking for things that are in 5's.  We might find 5 leaves, 5 wheels or 5 friends - if we look very hard we might see the numeral '5' around the Nursery.

We would love to see any photographs of your child on a '5' hunt at home!

Have a look at the link below - it's all about the number 5