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6 Holly

Hello and welcome to the home of 6 Holly.


We cannot wait to show you all that we get up to throughout what is a very important year here at Berkeley Primary School.


Our Awesome Autumn

Measuring Angles

We have enjoyed using protractors this week in maths. Green table loved using the computers to develop their understanding of how to measure angles.

Great homework

Great homework 1
It looks like Ryley had a great time over the half term break making this amazing model of the Humber Bridge! Wonderful work, Ryley!

performance poetry

performance poetry 1

We have loved our Performance Poetry lessons. We especially enjoyed learning and reciting 'Harvest Moon' by Ted Hughes (the author of the book 'Iron Man' that we have been reading in class). We think we enjoyed it more because we were really good at it! We hoped you liked our version of the poem at the Harvest Festival. Above is a photograph of us rehearsing. We are pulling some interesting faces! 

Ordnance Survey Maps

We have recently been using Ordnance Survey maps to help us learn more about our local community. We used the scale and piece of string cut to size to work out the distances between other places and school. We enjoyed getting hands on with the maps.

thank you!!!

thank you!!! 1
A huge thank you to anyone that donated to the harvest food appeal. We were very proud to donate such a huge amount of food to the Food Bank. The year 6 children also performed their socks off for harvest and we are all very proud of them. A class point from Mrs Marsh and Miss Howlett shows just how good it was!

Amazing homework

Amazing homework 1

Another masterpiece is on display in 6 Holly, courtesy of Maisie and her amazing Humber Bridge model. It even lights up! Very well done, Maisie.

Circuit investigations

We recently enjoyed a lesson predicting whether images of electrical circuits would work or not. We used our previous scientific understanding to make science-based predictions. We then built the circuits to test out our predictions to see if we were correct or not.

We are the healthiest!

We are the healthiest!  1
We are the healthiest!  2

A huge well done to all the the children who managed to get a certificate for 100% attendance throughout the summer term whilst in 5 Oak. We did better than any other class, making us a healthy lot!

A special well done goes to Ella and Jackson who managed the WHOLE yeay without having a day off!

Drama Lessons

Drama Lessons 1

We have had lots of drama lessons recently. We have worked on drama linked to the Iron Man (our class book) and lessons based around the theme of 'forgiveness' in our RE lessons. We love it!

Book Swap

Book Swap 1

Year 6 Book Swap

Our book swap is going really well. Children are enjoying being able to swap books for ones they have yet to enjoy! We would be very grateful if you could please send in any books you no longer have a need for to keep us going.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Sudoku Fun

We loved working our way through these puzzles for our maths starter the other day. There was a lot of trial and error and rubbing out but we got there in the end.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Great Homework

More excellent homework from Abi!

A great model of the Steelworks using lots of different materials.

Picture 1

Our School Councillor

Ella has finally received her long awaited School Councillor badge and is wearing it with pride. She is doing an excellent job and is growing in confidence within her role everyday!

Picture 1

Harvest Haiku

We have been looking at all things poetry this week with a focus on harvest time and autumn. In our haiku poetry, we have been using figurative language such as simile, personificiation and alliteration. We have had some excellent results. Well done, 6 Holly.

Picture 1

Our Lovely Reading Buddies

We have lots of kind children in our class who love reading and also love helping others. Our new reading buddies have been doing an excellent job of reading with each other.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Marvellous Maths

Blue table have been working their socks off in maths this week. We have been looking at prime numbers, square numbers, factors and multiples and after securing a great understanding with this, they moved on and try to solve some tricky discussion problems. Well done and keep up the great work!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Our House Captains


Our house captains have been presented with their badges and they are wearing them with pride.

Picture 1

More Great Homework

Well done to Vincent and Lacey for more great DT homework,

looking at the landmarks around us.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Lovely Homework

Kimi has had a great time recreating Normanby Hall for her homework project. What a great piece of art!

Picture 1

Great Maths

The children have been working on their rounding in maths. Eloise and Ryley really enjoyed their maths lesson on the whiteboard. Great maths, you two!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Road Safety Drama Workshop

We had a great morning with Miss Jeanie learning all about how to stay safe on the roads and pavements around us. We had to think about all kinds of dangers that could face us, for example when we are on our phones and possibly not paying attention to the traffic around us.

Super Spelling

The children have been working especially hard on their spelling recently. Here we are playing Hangman to help us learn the spellings for this week.

Picture 1

Well done, Bartosz!

A great start to the term and a very well deserved certificate in assembly.

Picture 1

Our House Captains

A huge well done to all of the children who were voted for by their peers to become a House Captain. I am sure they shall represent their houses brilliantly. Out of the nine chosen, four were from 6 Holly so we were very proud of ourselves for delivering such great, winning speeches. Well done to Jessie, Violet, Bartosz and Logan. Just look how proud they are!

Picture 1

Well done, Ryley!

A huge well done to Ryley for becoming the first proud owner of a certificate from the celebration assembly. As this was the first one, we did things a little differently. Ryley earned this for making an excellent start to the year! It was a tricky decision as all of 6 Holly have done so well this week! Keep it up, Ryley!

Picture 1

Reading Bingo

Well done to Ella, Afia and Logan for earning their Reading Bingo certificates for some excellent reading throughout the summer holidays.

Picture 1


6 Holly have taken very well to DEAR time in their new classroom. They really seem to gain enjoyment from the simple pleasure of reading and do so in a very well behaved manner. Here they are enjoying their reading time; especially the use of the reading area.

Maths Lessons

As always when we first come back to school, we have been revising our knowledge and understanding of place value. Here were are playing a game which helps us do just that. Well done to Oscar and Logan for matching the most pairs.

Science Electricity Lessons

We made a great start to our science topic this term - electricity. We had lots of fun experimenting with wires, cells (batteries), switches and bulbs. We had to solve lots of problems, including how we could make a circuit where we can turn one switch off whilst the other stays on. It wasn't easy but well done to Sam and Finley who worked out that it had to be a parallel circuit first! A great lesson. Well done 6 Holly. 

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Picture 2
Picture 3