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8.10.18 - It's all about the leaves!

Last week in Nursery children were fascinated by the leaves starting to change colour in the Nursery garden - this week it is all about the leaves!


We are going to be talking about why leaves are changing colours and falling off trees and introducing the theme of autumn.


We would love the children to bring leaves and other Autumn objects into Nursery to share with us and add to our investigation tray.


Rhyme of the Week


This week our nursery rhyme is going to be Humpty Dumpty.  

We are going to sing the song and maybe even add some instruments to make the rhyme sound even better!


Number Song of the week


This week our song is going to be  One Little Leaf (sung to the tune of the Wheels on the Bus)


One little leaf came off the tree, off the tree, off the tree,

One little leaf came off the tree,

and fluttered to the ground!




We will move like leaves outside and think about the word 'fluttered'.



It's all about 2 - concept of 2


This week we are going to be finding out about the number 2.  We will be looking at the numeral, looking at ways of representing '2' - on our fingers, on paper or with objects.

We will be looking for things that are in 2's.  We might find 2 leaves, 2 wheels or 2 friends - if we look very hard we might see the numeral '2' around the Nursery.

We would love to see any photographs of your child on a '2' hunt at home!

Have a look at the link below - it's all about the number 2!