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Autumn term

Autumn 1

Year 1 - Gym (Body management) & Locomotion


Year 2 - Gym (Body management) & Object Control


Year 3 - Gym (Body management) & Invasion Games (Netball/benchball)


Year 4 - Gym (Body management) & Invasion Games (Quicksticks Hockey)


Year 5 - Gym (Body management) & Invasion Games (Netball)


Year 6 - Gym (Body management) & Invasion Games (Netball).

6 Beech have been trying out Lacrosse using the new equipment purchased last year.


The 'Body management' gymnastics units look at the 5 basic shapes (tuck, squat, pike, hollow and arch) as well as balances. These balances progress through to partner balances using counter balances and counter tension. Children are then asked to combine the 5 shapes and balances together to create routines as individuals, pairs or in small groups. These routines are then performed side by side or in cannon.

Quicksticks Hockey is a variant of hockey designed to aid children by using a larger, plastic, dimpled ball so that it stays closer to their stick when practicing skills. The sticks themselves also show hand positions, and come with 'speed' and 'strength' labelled on the stick to help children remember where to place their hands when dribbling, passing or receiving the ball.

Year 1 - Dance (Interpretive) & Games (Sending & Receiving)


Year 2 - Dance (Interpretive) & Games (Sending & Receiving)


Year 3 - Dance (Interpretive) & Games (Hockey)


Year 4 - Swimming & Games (Hockey)


Year 5 - Dance (Interpretive) & Games (Hockey)


Year 6 - Dance (Interpretive) & Games (Hockey)