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Fun with Phonics

In Nursery we are beginning to learn to recognise the s, a, t, p, i, n letters and sounds.

We are enjoying singing the Jolly Phonics songs.


We are practising segmenting and blending simple words such as c-a-t cat.

We stretch out the word with a pretend elastic band and then clap our hands together to say the word.


Have a go with your children!


We are also trying to listen for the initial sound in words.


Jolly Phonics Group 1

Jolly Phonics songs and lyrics: Group 1

Why don't you.......


...go for a listening walk with your child.  When you are walking encourage your child to listen to the sounds around them.  How many different sounds can they hear?


Listening walks develop your child's listening skills and awareness of environmental sounds.