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"Heard it in the Classroom" - updates from the children

October 2017

The children talked about what they saw when we visited the police van


Arlo "I went in the jail with the door shut."

Lennon "I liked the sirens the best"

Zackary "The buttons had 999 on. The lights and the sirens went on"

Daisy "I liked pressing the buttons and the noise it made."

Olivia "You put people in the back."

Amy "The lights flashed on and off."

Teddy "It's a van. We went in the jail and closed the door. If you go into real jail it won't feel that good."

Zackary "I'm going to be a policeman when I'm older, so that I can see my cousin who works at the police station."

Daisy "I like the jail."

Alexa "I like the chairs in the middle, so they don't get out of jail you sit there."

Melanija "I like inside police van."

Callum "I want to be a police man so I can arrest someone!"