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Welcome to the homepage of 6 Holly: 2020 - 2021

Please keep checking our class web page to see what we get up to throughout the year.

Our Awesome Autumn Term

More Super Science

This week, we have been conducting our first science investigation. We looked at the hypothesis 'The longer the wires in a series circuit, the brighter the bulbs'. We then set about to try and prove or disprove this statement. We had great fun and those of us who predicted the hypothesis was false were correct! The bulbs were glowing brightly when the wires were shorter. We discussed why and noted this down in our conclusions. 

Conscience Alley

This drama activity is all about picking a side in a debate. This lesson, we were debating whether or not Jim Jarvis (the main character from the book Street Child) should try to escape from the Victorian workhouse. We have been thinking all about the reasons for and against and then recorded our ideas. We shall use these ideas in our English lesson to write a balanced argument. 

Science Research

We have been using our research skills to find out all about electricity. From things to who invented to lightbulb to whether salt water can conduct electricity. Well done, 6 Holly.

Maths Games - Rounding

Games to help us with our rounding! Well done, children. 

Drama - Hot seating

We have had a really fun morning doing some hot-seating. This is where we think of questions to ask a character from the book we are reading - Street Child - and then chosen children pretend to be them and answer the questions in character. Alfie made an amazing Jim, Katie was brilliant as Ma and Eli made a very grumpy Mr Spink! Brilliant work from everyone today. Well done, 6 Holly!  

William Morris Artwork

Some lovely and thoughtful work has been completed today in our art lessons. We have been looking at the artist William Morris and his very intricate artwork, tapestries and prints. We are working our way up to replicating his style in some work of our own. We shall keep you posted.

Lovely Reading

We have had a great start to our Book Club groups. Well done, 6 Holly.

Our Tennis Lessons

The children really got into their tennis lesson this week. They were practising their catching and balancing skills, as well as their forehand swing. We look forward to seeing their skills progress over the half term. The slalom races were particularly fun! 

Super Science

This week in science, we have started our topic all about Electricity. We started off today by looking at circuits and their components. We learnt all about the symbols that we need to use as well as all about parallel and series circuits. We then had to complete a series of challenges. Have a look below to see how we got on!

Maths Lessons

During our first two days, we did some maths investigations. We started with pentominoes. This is a challenge that is trickier than it looks! There are only twelve ways of arranging five squares and the we had to try and find them all without any repetitions or rotations. Even harder, we then had to arrange them into a rectangle. We had to have a couple of hints to help us with this!

Our pentomino challenge.

This week, we will be looking at place value. So far, I have been really impressed! 

Place value understanding.