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Welcome to 2 Holly


We had such an exciting, fun, interesting, glorious. wonderful, spectacular and fantastic day at Classroom in the Woods.


History Visitor

We had lots of fun learning even more about World War 2.


We got to try on helmets and gas masks, we passed around a grenade (with no explosives in) and we even got to test out the old water pumps that were used to put out fires which had been started by bombs.




Remembrance Day

We made some fantastic pastel pictures of a poppy field. We looked closely at how to create perspective by drawing big poppies at the bottom of the page and smaller ones at the top.


We also wrote acrostic poems which spell out the word REMEMBER. 




Golden Slices

We followed a recipe and made Golden Slices. They were a war time treat and we liked eating them too!



The Lambeth Walk.


It is a dance that people did during World War II and it helped to keep their spirits up.



Guided Reading

We have Guided Reading every day and each group takes it in turns to work on their spellings and phonics skills on the Learnpads. 



But our favourite time of all is...

Golden Time