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Hello and welcome to our class page!

6 Holly

Have a look below at all the things that happen throughout the year in our lovely classroom.

outstanding achievement awards

6 Holly have all had an amazing year and this is why when it came to choosing children for the Prize Giving Assembly, it really was not an easy job!


Millie: You have been a lovely lady to have in class all year and your manners are exemplary. You are a very kind, thoughtful and helpful pupil and a total credit to all who know you! Well done Millie, I am very proud of you!


Mya: You have been an amazing buddy all year and have helped countless children with your warm and friendly manner. You are a total role model and I couldn't be prouder. Well done Mya.


Ellie-Mae: The effort that you have put in this year has been nothing short of outstanding. You are a shining example of a pupil and should be incredibly proud of all you have achieved this year. We have also discovered what an excellent little actress you are! Where did that come from!? :) Wonderful work Ellie, well done!


Sam: Wow! 100% attendance and the only one who managed it in our class. Fantastic efforts all year, well done Sam!


So that just leaves one more pupil to receive their award on Tuesday but who will it be?

upper website champions

6 Holly and Miss Lowe were very happy to be awarded best class web page for 2016/2017! Thank you Mr Veall.

More Amazing Homework


I could not be prouder of 6 Holly and the rest of the children in Year 6 if I tried. The two dress rehearsals and two performances were all simply outstanding. Amazing! Well done Year 6.

science experiments - solutions

This morning (6.7.17), 6 Holly had a lovely time conducting a couple of science investigations. We have been investigating why the sea is salty and how the temperature of water alters the dissolving rate of sugar.


The standard of the homework that is coming in is fantastic! Very well done to everyone so far. I am very much looking forward to seeing what other efforts will be arriving soon!


WOW! What an amazing first piece of the homework. I can't wait to see everyone else's efforts. Fantastic work Daisy, very well done!

Certificates all round

Well done to Zoheeb, Ellie and Ethan for their recent success!


Zoheeb has worked so hard recently with his writing and produced some fantastic pieces. He has also shown a very high level of maturity and been a fantastic house captain for Neptune. Very well done Zoheeb!

Ellie-Mae has displayed some amazing acting talents and is shining as one of the lead roles in Ye Ha! We can't wait for you all to see her (and everyone else) in action.

Ethan was also chosen by Mrs Hayes as one of the winners of the recent e-safety poster competition. Very well done, Ethan!


I am a very proud teacher!

As you can see, we all had such a fun day at the recent sports day. The children put in so much effort and well done to the triumphant winners - Saturn!

Enterprise Chocolate!

6 Holly totally loved making the chocolate ready for the Summer Fayre. The room had an amazing smell for hours! Luckily, we soon sold out so they certainly went down well with the rest of the school!
We all had such a fab time at the Goole Waterways Museum. We loved steering the boat along with making boats of our own and looking around the museum filled with artefacts.

What have we been up to?

As you know, we have been very busy in Year 6 rehearsing the play - which is looking amazing! This week, we have lots of trips going on so rehearsals have come to a halt and we are back in class busy with lots of English, maths, science and art. We shall keep you updated at the week goes on!


We started off by design and making our own Tarsia Triangles for our friends to solve. It is proving trickier than it looks! Have a look below to see us in action!

Next, we put on our aprons and painted some wonderful art, all based around the theme of Reflection!

Recent Celebration Assemblies

Excellent work as ever boys, well done!


our fantastic moving toys

We loved learning about lots of different river facts whilst having fun playing Top Trumps. Afterwards, we discussed and wrote down all the facts we could remember!

well done Lewis - Celebration Assembly 18.5.17

River Research Topic

Well done to 6 Holly and a few of visitors from 6 Beech who worked so hard completing their research on rivers. Well done to Team Amazon who Mrs Spencer chose as the overall winners of the competition.


We have loved our blocked week of DT. So far, we have researched old Victorian toys, created our designs and started to make. Keep checking back to see how the finished products look.

Google Expeditions

The children at Berkeley Primary School were so lucky to experience 'Google Expeditions' during the last week of the spring term. It was jam packed full of WOW moments and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves! It was such a fantastic experience!

Take a look at the website to get a better idea of what the children go up to.

Class Points Party

6 Holly had a lovely time at their second class points party. The children have worked really hard over the course of the term to earn their ten points.

The class decided that they wanted to have a board game hour with snacks and music and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I wonder what they will choose for their next treat?

Our Hockey Players

These three boys recently went to a hockey tournament. They played three games and all had a great time representing the school. Great job boys!

Celebration Assembly - 6.4.17

Well done Sam. A very well deserved certificate. Keep up the hard work!
6 Holly had great fun throughout Maths Challenge Day 2017. Over the course of the whole day, we worked on plenty of investigations linked to many aspects of maths: shape, angles, percentages, algebra and much more. Take a look at the photos to see what we were filling our day doing ...

and the winner is ...

On Red Nose Day 2017, 6 Holly had a drawing competition where they had to design a new red nose. Everyone worked so hard but the winner was ... Lewis! Well done!
We have really enjoyed our topic on the Victorians - Rise of the Machines. Our next topic - Water, Water, Everywhere - will teach us all about the water cycle, as well as long as a range of other water related topics. Keep checking back to see what we get up to in the exciting summer term.

Music Lessons

On Friday 31st March, we had a blast creating our own music on 'Scratch'. It was a little tricky to begin with but we soon figured it out and started having lots of fun.
Wednesday 15th March saw the turn of 5 and 6 Holly to visit the National Coal Mining Museum and all the children thoroughly enjoyed; some were heard to say it was the best trip they had even been on! Many children faced their fears and came out smiling (and a little 'mucky') at the end of it all! The children were a pleasure to take and we are all very grateful to the excellent staff at the museum for providing such a fun-packed and exciting day.  

Group Two - Wakefield National Mining Museum

Indoor Athletics

Here are part of the winning team for year 5/6 athletics. We came first; beating the 2nd place school by a very impressive 74 points! Here is a little of what we took part in: Daisy-chest push, Seb - 6+6 parlouf, 4+1 relay, triple jump, vertical jump. As you can see, Mr Veall gave us some easter eggs because we won by such a margin. Now onto the finals, and let's hope we will win! People that went (from 6 Holly) - Millie, Daisy, Zoheeb, Ethan, Phoebe and Seb!

By Seb and Daisy - 6 Holly.

Well done Hannah - Celebration Assembly 9.3.17

World Book Day 2017

6 Holly had a great day, dressing up as some of their favourite book characters! They all looked excellent!
We all had an amazing time at the BFG dance workshop. It was so much fun bringing the book to life, as you can see in the slideshow.

Celebration Assembly - 16.2.17

Well done to Phoebe for receiving the certificate this week. She is an all round superstar all of the time! Well done and keep it up!

class point party

We had such good fun in our pyjamas today (14.2.17) whilst watching a film and eating cake! A great break from all the hard work we have been doing in class! Well done to 6 Holly who are already up and running with their next ten points. I wonder what the class will choose as their next class treat?

well done to Chelsea!

A very easy choice for Miss Lowe this week; Chelsea! She could receive this award every week, simply for being wonderful! Well done Chelsea, fantastic work all year!

class points

6 Holly are very pleased to be able to tell you that they have (after lots of hard work) been awarded our tenth and final class point - let the party planning begin!

Sporting Success

We have some very hard working children in Berkeley Primary school and this is still very much the case when it comes to sporting achievements. The 5/6 athletics team were recently in action and have qualified for the next stage of their competition. A great achievement! Congratulations to all those that took part and a special well done to these members of 6 Holly!

Recent celebration certificate recipients

The latest recipients of the Celebration Assembly certifcates were Millie and Sophia. It is often said that children could earn this award every single week and that is most certainly the case with Millie and Sophia. They constantly work hard, help others and are fantastic members of the class. Keep it up ladies! (I know you will!)

Zoheeb looking very smart

On Friday, Zoheeb brought some very important pieces of clothing in to show the class. Have a read below to learn more and see what he has to tell us all. Thank you for bringing them in Zoheeb!

This called an Irham cloth. We wear this when we go to a special place called the mosque. We vist the mosque five days a week and we read the Quaran there. This is a special book for muslims. The hat, which I am wearing, is to not show your hair - which is a important thing inside the mosque because we wear it when we pray to God [Allah]. 

By Zoheeb.

circuit training

As you can see from the images above, we are loving our circuit training PE lessons. (We apologise that some of the photos are blurry - the children are just working so fast!) We have competing in a range of fun and challenging exercises: bench dips, medicine ball activities, star jumps, sit ups, skipping, rebound boards, speed bounce and our favourite - the plank!

Celebration Assembly so far ...

So far this term, it has been really hard to choose between the children when awarding the 'Celebration' certificates.

Two children that have been working really hard as well as improving in confidence are Thomas and Joseph! This is a really important term for year 6 and working with this level of maturity is a great start! Well done boys, keep it up!

Another young man working hard is Lewis. He is really flying through his Lexia work and improving his spelling all the time as a result. Keep up the hard work Lewis!


How fab does everyone look! A great day was had by all!

celebration assembly - 1.12.16

Lewis is the next pupil to receive the certificate in 6 Holly. He thoroughly deserves this and always makes a great contribution to each and every lesson. A true pleasure to teach, well done Lewis!

winter art lessons

We have had a lovely time creating our winter artwork for the hall displays. We really do have some excellent, budding artists in 6 Holly! Great work class!

celebration assemblies

A big well done to our next two recipients of the Celebration Assembly certificates. James impressed Miss Lowe with some excellent dancing and acting in our PE lessons based around Theseus and the Minotaur and Saina has shone from the start of term with her hard working attitude and excellent approach to learning. Great work both of you, well done!

Children in Need Spotty Fun

This year for Children in Need, everyone joined in with the spotty fun to help raise money! As you can see, the children and even the teachers all decided to dress up in as many spots as they could find - it was a very comfortable day! A great time was had by all!

sporting superstars

Last week, a visitor came to our assembly to hand out medals to Berkeley's top cross-country runners. He proudly informed us that year 3 and 4 were runners up in their category and that year 5 and 6 had won the whole 5/6 competition! In 6 Holly, we were very proud to have three of the runners in our class, well done Seb, Ethan and Phoebe - a great job!

celebration assembly - 10.11.16

This week, Mya is the proud recipient of the celebration certificate and I am sure you can instantly tell why! Mya went above and beyond with her homework - and this was not easy in a class full of the most amazing shields! She not only created the most outstanding shield, but she documented the whole thing in her homework book, as you can see in the photograph. Fantastic work Mya (and Mya's dad). You have done us proud!

Roman Research

In 6 Holly, we have been working really hard this week to start our Roman topic. As it was the start of the topic, Miss Lowe wanted us to find out as much as we could and then share this with others in our classroom. Have a look through the slides above to see what we found out!

bonfire poetry

This week in English, we have been looking at a range of features of poetry and have been applying this to our group poems. Miss Lowe was incredibly impressed with all of them.

celebration assembly - 3.11.16

I could not be more proud of the effort that Ethan continually puts into his work in each and every single lesson. He is incredibly deserving of this award! Well done Ethan, keep it up (I know that you will)!

Celebration Assembly - 20.10.16

Well done Seb! You thoroughly deserve this certificate and could easily receive it every single week! You are a total delight to teach and continue to set high standards and be a role model to the rest of the class and school on a daily basis! Well done Seb.

Our new House Captains! Well done guys!

This week, we have been nominating our new house captains and four of the lucky recipients of the honour were in 6 Holly. Have a look above to see how proud they look with their new badges! They shall continue to wear them with pride, I am sure!  

Harvest Festival

Recently in Year 6, we have been rehearsing our harvest festival ready to show parents and the infant children. So far, we are doing a great job and are really looking forward to showing it to you! Have a read at the poetry created in 6 Holly by clicking the link below.

Our Harvest Poetry

Celebration Assemblies


It has been a couple of weeks so we have two recipients of the Celebration certificate to share with you. First of all, Agata. She has worked so hard since the day she walked through the door and thoroughly deserves her certificate. She is also an outstanding artist.


This week, we have chosen Josh to receive the award. Josh could be an obvious choice each week but Miss Lowe chose him especially for his manners. He is a shining example of someone who uses his manners at all times and because of this, and many other reasons, he is the proud owner of the next certificate.


Keep it up guys!

Science Lessons

Our science lessons have been great fun so far this term! We have been looking at both air and water resistance and have been making 'boats' that float and parachutes - have a look at us below in action!


Celebration Assembly


The next recipient of the 'Celebration' certificate was ... Reece. This week, Reece has been a fantastic role model and has helped many people within 6 Holly. Reece is always an excellent class expert and has been showing his excellent understanding in both reading and maths. Keep it up Reece, well done!  

Well done Reece!

Our Brand New School Councillor

On Friday, 23rd September, 6 Holly held their school council vote. We all spent time creating our own manifesto and thought very carefully about the qualities that we thought a successful school councillor should have. Below are a few we came up with; 

  • Be confident
  • Be fair
  • Be a good listener
  • Be a good speaker
  • Be friendly and approachable
  • Have a good memory (to make sure we never forget any council meetings!)

After a whole class discussion, six very brave children stepped up to share why they would like to be the new school councillor for 6 Holly. They all spoke with great confidence in front of the class, Miss Lowe and our special guest, Mrs Cranidge.

After six very passionate speeches, we had a class vote and Miss Lowe was able to reveal that .... SAVHANNAH had received the most votes and became the successful candidate to represent the class.

Well done Savhannah, I have no doubt that you will do a brilliant job!

REMINDER: The first school council meeting shall be held in the Junior hall on Tuesday 27th September at 11:00 a.m.  


Celebration Assembly (Thursday 22nd September 2016)


This week, Miss Lowe had another tough choice when it came to picking the class member for the special certificate. 6 Holly have all worked so hard! It was finally decided that ... Ellie-Mae should receive the award. She has really worked hard to develop her confidence related to all things year 6 and made Miss Lowe even more proud later on in the week by standing for school councillor! This shows just how far you have come, Ellie-Mae, in such a short space of time! FANTASTIC! Have a look below at the lady herself.

Celebration Assembly (Thursday 15th September 2016)

Another tough choice for Miss Lowe after a week with 6 Holly. This week, the recipient of the Celebration Assembly certificate was ...... Rodrigo! He has shown excellent enthusiasm and determination in all areas and has such an impressive desire to learn as much as he can. An absolutely outstanding start to his time in year 6. Well done Rodrigo, keep up the hard work ... we know that you will. Have a look at how proud he looks below.

Today (15.9.16), we have been learning how to play the xylophone with Mrs Cooling. It was a very exciting and tuneful lesson and great fun! We had a great time. Take a look for yourselves to see what we have been up to in our music lessons.  
This week (8.9.16), we have been working on our research skills. We have been starting our topic about the Ancient Greeks by learning all about Greek Gods. We started our research by using the class tabs to find out as much as we can and then changed it into a non-chronological report. We certainly found out lots of new information and broadened our understanding of this part of history. Take a look below to see some of us in action.

Our First Celebration Assembly (Friday 9th September 2016)

This year, as Berkeley Primary School, we shall now be celebrating the children and their achievements within our Celebration Assembly every Thursday.

6 Holly all certainly made a great start to the year and gave Miss Lowe a very hard job when it came to choosing the first recipient of the Celebration award. Finally, it was decided that Joseph had made an excellent start to the year and showed great perseverance and was therefore the first one to sit on the lucky 'Celebration Sofa' to pose with his certificate.

Well done Joseph and the rest of 6 Holly for an excellent start to the year! Keep it up!