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Hello and welcome to the class page of 6 Holly. Please keep checking our page often to see what we are doing in class throughout our final year at Berkeley.

Sunny Summer Term!

Water Fight Fun

6 Holly have worked so hard over SATs and decided to have a water fight as part of their Class Points party. They certainly had fun!

Bowling Fun

Year 6 loved their End of Term treat - bowling! There were lots of cheering each other on as well as healthy, competitive spirit and, once again, the Berkeley children did us proud!

Achievement Assembly 2018


A huge well done to the children who were nominated this year. It was a tough choice but the four children chosen have excelled in many areas this year and are very deserving of their prizes! A great year!

Road Safety Workshop

This week, 6 Holly took part in a Road Safety Workshop where they learnt all about how easily distractions such as looking at your phone, chatting to friends and listening to music could suddenly become very dangerous when crossing anykind of road; even the quiet ones!

Miss Jeanie led the drama based workshop and we all had a really great time, acting out dangerous scenarios and learning how to turn them in to safe ones. Take a look at some of us in action!


We then put what we had learnt to the test and designed road safety leaflets for children younger than ourselves, to help others also become much safer road users!


We had an absolute blast at out last ever sports day here at Berkeley! Thank you to all parents for coming to support us and cheer us along!

Dance Fitness!

Last week, 6 Holly enjoyed a dance fitness session. It is fair to say we were all totally worn out within the first five minutes but we had a lot of fun!


On Wednesday 13th March, we had French Day. The children did lots of activities throughout the day: map work, singing French songs, learning new vocabulary and creating fact files and leaflets all about the country. We even had French names for the day!

Have a look below at some of the things we got up to...


DT Day Fun

Year 6 had a great, albeit a little messy, DT day recently. Due to the snow, our day was pushed back but we have finally been able to complete our long-planned projects. With half of us creating Scunthorpe out of recyclable materials and the other half building wind powered buggies, it's safe to say, we all had lots of fun!

We combined our Going Green topic with our Community topic to generate our outcomes and created end products we were proud of. We also showed some excellent team work and cooperation skills.

A Rather Royal Party

To celebrate the end of our SATs, we had a lovely time celebrating the royal wedding. We enjoyed lots of royal themed wedding activities: icing biscuits in red, white and blue; pinning the tail on the corgi and the crown on the princess; learning about the royals through a quiz; trying to find the culprit in a 'Who stole the wedding ring?' mystery maths game; taking selfies with the wedding party props; designing our very own wonderful wedding cakes and there was even a little bit of role play. A great time was had by all!

SATs are over!!

6 Holly, and the other year 6 classes, have had such a hard working year so far and they couldn't have made us teachers prouder this week. They all took their tests very seriously and we hope all their hard work will soon pay off! You can see by the first photograph how relieved we all were on Thursday, after our last test! We then got a lovely, delicious ice cream as a treat! Very nice.

Our Lovely Reading Buddies

Our lovely reading buddies have been working really hard over the past few months. They are asking great questions and really supporting each other with their reading and understanding.


Whilst Mia has been working hard to support her peers all year, it is now official! We have another buddy in our class and what a perfect example of one she is too! Excellent work, Mia! Very well done!


She is joining this lovely lot below who have done an excellent job this year!

Skipping with skip for life

We all had a great time with Skip For Life trying to beat our previous score! As you can see, Liam is trying so hard he is just a blur! Well done 6 Holly, a great effort!

sweet, sweet science

Last week, we had a sweet time in our science lesson. We were learning all about classification of both animals and, much more excitingly, sweets! Have a look at how we used branching databases to sort a variety of delicious sweeties!

Happy world book day

A great maths challenge day - Great work 6 Holly!

The snow today made the school look beautiful! We all had a great time playing in the snow this afternoon!

Alice in Wonderland Dance Workshop

6 Holly had a lovely time today (27.2.18) taking part in the West End Dance Workshop. Our workshop was based around the story from Alice in Wonderland. We spent time creating dance moves to tell the story and worked independently, in pairs and in large groups. Take a look at the images above to see what we got up to. It was an excellent way to spend the afternoon.

Greenhouse Gases Diagram Race Activity

As we are being 'active learners' in year 6, we all played a very exciting memory game to help us understand the phenomenon of the greenhouse gas effect. We were running around the classroom all lesson and having lots of fun, all whilst learning lots.   

Electricity - Our Science Lessons

This week, we have been investigating with circuit equipment. We have been trying to make bulbs bright and duller, make switches to turn on and off bulbs and make circuits where one bulb can be switched off whilst the other will remain on. We really enjoyed being able to lead our own investigations. We also enjoyed using the science role cards. We were acting as Lead Scientists, Health and Safety Officers, Equipment Managers and Reporters. This really focussed us and made our investigations run smoothly.

Christmas Party Day

All of Year 6 had a wonderful time at their Christmas party! Lots of fun was had and food was eaten! Merry Christmas, Everyone!


We have had such fun this morning in DT making kites. We have displayed excellent creativity and teamwork. We even gained ourselves a class point! Great job 6 Holly!


In RE, we have been asking the BIG questions. One of the starter questions that we discussed was 'What came first, the chicken or the egg?' We had a big debate with lots of points raised. What do you think? We then moved on to asking big questions relating to various religions.

Our Winter Art

In 6 Holly, we are really busy making calendars, cards and our Winter Art ready for the hall displays - which are now up and looking very festive! The children have all done an amazing job and lots of people have commented on how beautiful their art work is! Well done children, a great job drawing poinsettias. They are, along with everyone else's wonderful art work, really brightening up the school!

Sherwood Forest

Recently, 6 Holly (along with 5 Holly) had a wonderful day at Sherwood Forest. We spent the day orienteering, shelter building and walking to find the Major Oak! We met a lovely man named Bob and he told us all about the forest, as well as how to keep safe during the day. Have a look below and see what we got up to!

science lessons - insulation experiment

We have been using the digital probes to track temperature change over time. We are trying to find out which of our three materials best insulates hot water. We can't wait to find out the results!

School Council

Shafia is doing such a good job at being our School Councillor. Here she is in action!

Celebration Assemblies

We have been being very successful in 6 Holly recently. Emily and Jayden have both received a Celebration Assembly award for their hard work and kindness to other children!


Jacob showed he was a whizz at iPad Scrabble on his visit to a potential secondary school and bagged himself a book voucher in the process! Well done Jacob!


Mehrab, Aimee, Lexie and Samika have been working hard earning Dojos to gain the Silver Award - they are all very well on the way to earning their Gold Award! Keep up the hard work!


Jayden was also very surprised when he received a trophy for winning the Year 5/6 boys cross-country race! Well done, Jayden!


Kacper has also been working hard on his Lexia and has gained his next certificate!



our maths lessons

We have been having great fun in our maths lessons. We have been using Tarsia Triangles and other resources to help us with our understanding of things like fractions, decimals and multiplication - and having a great time doing it.

Assembly Success - 14.9.17

A big well done goes to Matias, who has worked his socks off this week on Lexia to achieve his next certificate - plus he is already well on with the next level! Great work Matias.

YouTube Fitness Guru Fun!

On Tuesday, we all had a great time following along with Joe Wicks during his live YouTube School Challenge. We were, it is safe to say, very worn out by the end of the 30 minute HIIT exercise session. It is clear to see how hard we were working by the fact that Miss Lowe could only manage to capture blurry photos!

Voting Success!

Well done to these two brave ladies who, along with many others, gave excellent speeches to their peers and were subsequently voted as 6 Holly School Councillor (Shafia) and Neptune House Captain (Emily). Very well done girls, I am very sure you will do us all proud!

A great start to the term

We have been getting straight on with our SPaG work this half term, learning all about exclamatory sentences. We have had some great fun using these to describe aliens such as the Crimson Octoclops and Slimy Blobatron. Great work 6 Holly!

tarsia fun in maths

We have been helping Miss Lowe have a better understanding of how good we are at maths by solving Tarsia Triangle puzzles including a range of operations. We all did a brilliant job!


Our brand new topic this term is SURVIVAL. We shall be learning all about how humans and animals adapt to a survive in the harshest of environments along with lots of other areas relating to the topic. As you can see, we started off by jotting down all that we already knew about survivial, as well as all we would like to learn about throughout the term. Keep checking back to see what we are learning about next.