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January 2017

The children were very excited when they came back to school and found that our new topic was Superheroes! They coloured their own masks and then attached strings so they could wear them around the classroom. They also wore capes and zoomed around the playground with their special powers.

Now we are moving from Superheroes to another type of hero - those people who help us. We are thinking about who might help us in an emergency such as the police, fire brigade and ambulances. The role play has become a control centre and the children are taking emergency messages on the phone and walkie talkies and typing them on a netbook.

Well done to all children who continue to read three times a week with their grown ups. We check reading diaries every Wednesday and children who have read three times since the previous Wednesday get a special star sticker! Remember a "read" does not have to be a whole book and it can mean you reading to your child.

Miss Woods