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Learning to Read

Reading should be fun and is a special time for children and their parents.


We send reading books home, but having a story read to them is just as important for the children. In the reading diary that we send home, please note any books that you have shared together. Records are checked every Wednesday. If children have read 3 times since the previous Wednesday, they get a special sticker!


A “read” does not have to be a full book. It can be discussing illustrations, identifying some letter sounds or you reading the story book to your child. It can even be encouraging your child to notice letters and words in the environment - on road signs, around the supermarket, on cereal packets ...


School books are changed by an adult twice a week. Please send the book bag to school every day so that they are always available for us to change.

Michael Rosen - Tips for reading bedtime stories

We teach the children to decode words using phonic skills. We teach the sound that each letter makes. Once children become confident with matching some sounds to letters, we introduce blending to read. We teach the children to "press the sound buttons" and to say each sound as quickly as possible until they can hear / say the blended word.


We also teach the children to recognise "tricky words" from memory (words that the children can not decode, such as the, to, no, go, I and into).


We are always looking to find fun and interesting ways to get children interested in reading words. For example we sometimes write words on bananas and encourage children to have a go at reading before they have their snack! We also have "tricky word stars" in our book corner: we encourage children to pick one, read it and then to use it as a "pointer" while looking at a book to try and find matching words in the text. 

Synthetic Phonics