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Our Maths Display Board

So far this term in maths, we have worked on a range of different approaches. We have done some: Adding, Multiplying, Subtracting, Simplifying and equivalent fractions. We all learnt new methods and moved onto more advanced methods. Now for Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction we use column method, and for division we use bus stop method.


We have also done some 2D shape work. We identified some 2D shapes and how many sides, faces and vertices (vertices is a more mathematical word for corners). We had a sheet to fill in and we learnt a lot of different names for the different shapes.


In addition, we did some area and perimeter work as well. Firstly, we focused on perimeter. We had a range of 2D shapes that we worked out the perimeter to. After we had worked on the perimeter, we focused on area. Again, we had a range of 2D shapes to work out the area to. Before the lesson, not all of us were confident with area and perimeter, but by the end of the lesson, we were al much more confident with it.