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In Nursery we have been learning to recognise numbers.  Some of us recognise a few of them and some of us are still having a go and practising lots. 


Ask your grown up to write the numbers 1-5 on small pieces of paper.


When they show you a number can you....


  • show them the correct amount of fingers
  • go outside and find the correct amount of sticks/twigs/leaves
  • find the correct amount of objects in your house - maybe you could find lego blocks, or dinosaurs, cars or books.
  • Take a photograph of what your are doing and ask your grown up to upload it onto tapestry.


PS - don't feel you have to stick to 1-5.  If you can do this already then carry on up to 10!

Can you switch around the activity and ask your grown up to set out the objects for you to count and find the matching number?