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Heatwave on Monday and Tuesday

As you know the temperature on Monday and Tuesday next week is due to exceed 32 degrees Celsius.  The Government has sent us guidance on 'Looking after children and those in early years settings during heatwaves' which every staff member will be following. 


This includes;

  • ​opening windows and doors early in the morning but almost closing them later on when the weather outside is warmer than inside
  • signs of heat exhaustion
  • keeping electric lighting to a minimum
  • switching off electrical equipment when they're not in use
  • minimising children going outside (children will go out for morning playtime for 15 minutes, 20 minutes outside only at lunchtime and all will have a 10 minute outside break after 2.15pm). 
  • there will be NO PE of any kind on either day - no vigorous physical activity
  • children will have access to drinks all day long whenever they want - they will be encouraged to drink more than normal
  • children will be encouraged to stay in the shade when outside


Parents should:

  • send children to school come in loose, light-coloured clothing both days (not uniform but no strappy tops, bellies out or 'too short' shorts)
  • send children with sunhats with wide brims wherever possible and children should wear these
  • send in water bottle that can be refilled in school
  • use suncreen on their children (at least factor 15 with UVA protection is advised)