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Please remember that homework will be sent home on Fridays. Each week there will be one piece of Maths homework, English homework and weekly spellings to learn. The homework book will need to be returned with the completed homework every Wednesday. Spelling tests will take place on Fridays. Dojos will be given for completed homework.  



There is an expectation that children should read at least 3 times a week at home; to support the reading that they do at school. We ask that children read books, newspapers, magazines etc. and we would like this to be recorded in their reading diaries.  Reading records will be collected in and checked on Fridays and children will be rewarded with Dojos if they complete their three reads.



PE days will be on Thursday and Friday this term. This may change due to such things as the weather so we would be very grateful if you could bring your PE kit on a Monday and leave it until Friday. During the Autumn term, as the weather cools, children are also allowed to wear clothing such as tracksuit bottoms rather than shorts for outdoor lessons. Please ensure earrings are removed on PE days. 


Math Challenge Day

Today all of our teachers planned a mathematical challenge and here are some of the fun activities we took part in.

  • Computer Programming
  • Murder Mystery
  • Solving Problems Involving Perimeter
  • Broken Calculator

  • Time

  • Lost At Sea



Computer Programming: We used a Blue-Bot to help us code, debug and to simulate algorithms – a sequence of instructions to solve a problem. We worked in pairs and designed a program to move the Bot from point A to point B. Some of us also draw our own designs.

Murder Mystery: As the Detective Chief Inspector we were in charge of solving a crime. We completed a booklet to solve the murder mystery by using Morse code, co-ordinates and encrypted messages. We worked so well we got a Class dojo.

Solving Problems Involving Perimeter: We calculated the perimeter of different enclosures so that we could help Professor Lockhart work out which dinosaur could fit.

All of our calculations were correct so no dinosaur escaped. PHEW!

Broken Calculator: We had to think very hard to work out the calculations as the only calculator we were allowed to use had only 2 numbers and 2 operations. We still managed to find the answers though and got another Class Dojo.

Time: We worked in seconds, hours, days and years to complete a time ascending list for a selection of activities.

Lost At Sea: We had to break the code to open the padlock to gain access to survival equipment. We then ranked the items in order of importance and compared it to the Coast Guard ranking to see if we would survive at sea. This activity was great fun and a good end to the day.