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Good luck for Year 3...

Good luck for Year 3... 1
Good luck for Year 3... 2
Good luck to all of the current 2Oak class as they prepare for their journey into Year 3!


Judaism... 1
Judaism... 2
Judaism... 3
Judaism... 4
Judaism... 5
Judaism... 6
We have been visited today by a lady called Gillian and her daughter. Our visitors taught us about aspects of Judaism and brought artefacts for us to look at. We even got to try some sweet bread.


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We have joined in with a prayer in Hebrew today.



Artwork... 1
Artwork... 2
Artwork... 3
Artwork... 4
Artwork... 5
Artwork... 6
Some words we have agreed sum up our journey through Key Stage 1.
Here are a few pictures from our trip to 'Classroom in the Woods'.

Enterprise preparation...

Half of our class joined forces with half of 4Oak to prepare homemade slushies for our Enterprise Project. We also tested and set up a bottle flipping game.

Poetry recital...

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Here we are reciting the poem, 'Now We are Six' by A.A.Milne. This was set as a homework task.

Class Points Party...

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What a way to end this half-term! We had great fun soaking each other, especially Mr Goodall!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
This week we continued to learn about different continents and countries. Working in pairs, we followed compass directions to move from one place to another on a map of Egypt.


Today we used the Outdoor Classroom for our phonics session. We used chalk in the playground to practise words ending with -le or -el, for example, 'bottle' or 'tunnel'.
Today we have made and eaten sandwiches with our friends. Tomorrow we will write instructions for someone else to make the same sandwich. Our instructions should include time conjunctions, 'bossy' verbs and adverbs.


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Here we are enjoying a banquet on our recent trip to Lincoln Castle & Cathedral.


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Here we are practising our archery skills at Lincoln Castle.
Here are pictures from our recent trip to Lincoln Castle and Cathedral. We had a great time - look how much fun we had!

Making Easter treats...


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Here we are learning a new song and adding percussion...

Class Points Party #2

Class Points Party #2 1
Class Points Party #2 2
Class Points Party #2 3
Class Points Party #2 4

Practising ball control...

Practising ball control... 1
Practising ball control... 2
Practising ball control... 3
Practising ball control... 4
Practising ball control... 5
Practising ball control... 6
Practising ball control... 7
Practising ball control... 8

Arctic investigations...

In Science we learnt about Arctic conditions and how animals are suited to that particular environment. We all got to take part in three different activities: 1. How polar bears are protected against the cold, 2. Why and how a penguin's body doesn't absorb water and 3. 'Sticky ice', using ice cubes, salt and string.


P.E. 1

Practising movement, balances and rolls.


Five Currant Buns...

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Check out our recital of this well-known rhyme.

Pablo Picasso artwork...

Today we have had a great 'Art Day' where we have each produced a self-portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso. Here is a selection of our work.

3D shape nets...

3D shape nets... 1
3D shape nets... 2
Today we have made 3D shapes from their nets.

Making World War II tanks...

Making World War II tanks... 1


Division... 1
We have been working on division this week. We have used practical resources to share out equally.

Christmas Cards...

Christmas Cards... 1
We have started making Christmas cards to send home. Here is Henry using the Interactive Whiteboard to create a masterpiece!

History Day...

History Day... 1
This is Jed, he came into school to talk to us about World War II. He showed us lots of interesting objects and artefacts from the War and even let us try out a water pump! We will post more pictures from our History Day, so stay tuned!

Today's Science lesson...

Today's Science lesson... 1
Today's Science lesson... 2
In Science we used lemon juice to create secret World War II messages. We found that when the lemon juice oxidized and we held our paper up to the light, the message was revealed.

World War II artwork...

World War II artwork... 1
World War II artwork... 2
World War II artwork... 3
World War II artwork... 4
World War II artwork... 5
World War II artwork... 6

Recycling posters...

Recycling posters... 1
Recycling posters... 2
Recycling posters... 3
Recycling posters... 4
Recycling posters... 5
Recycling posters... 6

All Things Bright and Beautiful...

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Here's a little extract from 2Oak's rendition of 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'.

Golden Time...

Golden Time... 1
Here we are after Friday afternoon's Golden Time.

Maths work...

Maths work... 1
Today we looked at calculations involving inverse operations. We used cubes and number squares.

World War II poem...

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Here is an extract of the World War II poem that we have learnt today. The poem is called 'Rescue, 1940'

2 Oak doing the Lambeth Walk!

2 Oak doing the Lambeth Walk! 1

Welcome to Year 2!


We have enjoyed our first few days together and are looking forward to the year ahead.


Our topic for the Autumn Term is 'World War II'.


We look forward to sharing more with you soon.


2 Oak.

Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill. 1
In our history lesson today, we learnt facts about Britain's Prime Minister during World War II, he was called Winston Churchill.
P.E. and Homework information.

Indoor PE.

Reading Records checked - please ensure that your child has read at least three times over the last week.



PE. with Mr Fell.


Golden time.

Homework due in/new homework handed out.

Spelling test.

Science investigation...

Science investigation... 1
Today we investigated different materials to make black out blinds. We found that plain paper isn't the best option as it is transparent, but cardboard is suitable as it is opaque.