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"Out Of The Mouths Of Babes" - updates from the children

January 2018

During our traditional tale topic, Miss Earl said, "I wonder why the wolf is so bad and mean" ... Miss Earl is starting to feel sorry for the wolf!


Ayla: "maybe he just doesn't think first".

Amélie: "it's because he's hungry and he doesn't understand that he should eat meat that's already dead".

Spencer: "maybe his dad taught him...we could show him how to say please and thank you".

Amelia: "because he's hungry".

Shadow: "he doesn't know how to ask".

Reggie: "he doesn't know what to do".

Hannah: "he just wants a different dinner".

Zarek: "maybe he was just hungry because he had no food".

Ayla: "we could teach him".

Harry: "we could give him some cakes".

Zac: "we could let him come for tea and dinner and breakfast".

Reggie: "we could let him play and teach him".


5th October 2017

Miss Earl asked "what do you remember about the police visit yesterday?" and "what was your favourite part of the police visit?"

Seth: "I liked going in the van".

Hannah: "pressing the sirens".

Zarek: "I loved the front best - to do the sirens".

Abigail: "going in the back of the van".

Ryder: "going in the cage".

Shadow: "the front - I pressed the thing that goes woo woo".

Ayla: "going in the cage - I didn't want to come out".

Lola: "going in the back - I was sitting in there and PC Martin shut it".

Gaius: "I sat in the front, I sat in the back but I didn't want to sit in the middle".

Reggie: "there were four in the back".

Amelia: "I pressed the siren - the yellow and red button".

Amelie: "I went in the front".

Jack: "he told us only super naughty people have handcuffs on".

Amelie: "he had a long thing to hit bad people with".

Leila: "a baton".

Shadow: "if you put spray in eyes it stings - just for baddies".


14th September 2017

Miss Earl asked, "what is your favourite thing at school?"

Hannah - "The best thing is outside. My friends are Amelie and Shadow and Jake".

Leila - "I like doing drawings".

Ruby - "I like making pictures for mummy and daddy".

Amelie - "Painting is my favourite thing".

Mahriya - "I like craft"!

Holly - "I like playing with the playdough".

Kayden - "I like making things".

Gaius - "I’m happy because I do lots of painting and colouring".

Jake - "I like reading books and craft and playdough".

Reggie - "I like dressing up as a pirate".

Zac - "cutting".

Abigail - "painting".

Lola - "playing with the dolls".

Zarek - "playing with playdough, drawing and playing games on the big screen".

Lacie -" dressing up".