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"Secret Storyteller"

We would like to launch "Secret Storyteller"! The idea is that parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and members of the community sign up to sneak into school and read a story to the class, without letting the child they are linked to know! The book choice is up to you - it could be your favourite from when you were little or your child's favourite. If you think you would like to become a "secret storyteller" please have a quiet word with your child's class teacher. 

Thank you! Shhhhhh! 

24th May 2019

We were very excited when Lola's mum arrived to read to us!

20th November 2018

Reception Beech enjoyed listening to Oliver’s mummy reading a story today. She brought a Julia Donaldson story that we hadn’t shared in class. 

6th November 2018

Reception Oak really enjoyed having a story read to us by Quinn's dad today! 

17 October 2018

Reception Holly had a surprise visitor today! Our first secret storyteller. We had two fantastic stories - one about a very cheeky fish and one about a very grumpy troll. Thank you so much for coming in. I hope we have another storyteller soon.

10 October 2018

Reception Beech were very excited today when our Secret Storyteller arrived. 

Thank you very much, we enjoyed our stories.