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"Secret Storyteller"- modelling reading for fun and pleasure

September 2017

We would like to launch "Secret Storyteller"! The idea is that parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and members of the community sign up to sneak into school and read a story to the class, without letting the child they are linked to know! The book choice is up to you - it could be your favourite from when you were little or your child's favourite. If you think you would like to become a "secret storyteller" please have a quiet word with Miss Earl. 

Thank you! Shhhhhh! 

16th March 2018: this was a fabulous choice to fit in with our traditional tales topic!

There is no Dragon in this Story - Books Alive!

9th March 2018: this was a lovely story about being brave and giving things a go, even if you are a bit scared!

Be Brave Little Penguin - Giles Andreae

2nd March 2018: we giggled at this funny story!

Buzzing for Books: Alan's Big, Scary Teeth - by Jarvis

22nd February 2018: we enjoyed the story about the farmyard and enjoyed the funny voices!

8th February 2018: we enjoyed the story of the three billy goats gruff and also learnt a new song!

Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose

18th January 2018: Mrs Cvijetic brought her daughter Alex's favourite book in and we really enjoyed it!

Let's get a Pup!

5th January 2018: mrs Hayes read so nicely to us that we gave her a clap at the end!

My mom by Anthony Browne

4th December 2017: what a funny story about the dinosaur who pooped Christmas!

The Dinosaur that pooped Christmas - Book reading.

22nd November 2017: we enjoyed the story about the missing a!

Quick Quack Quentin - The story book Read aloud