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Secret Storyteller. Shhhhhhhhhh!


Our first Secret Storyteller of the summer term! It was great to hear a traditional tale that all the children knew - The Three Billy Goats Gruff - and it was a lovely version too. If you haven’t had a turn at being the Secret Storyteller yet, why not give it a try? We promise it isn’t a scary experience. Just remember to…shhhhh!…keep it quiet!


The son of today’s Secret Storyteller had no idea at all that Mum was coming in. His face was a picture! Another great story today about impatiently waiting for a birthday. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. Who will be next in the storytelling chair..? Shhhhhh!


Another parent joined us today at story time. What a fabulous book! We had to look at the map at the start of the book then plan a journey for the dinosaurs. The children loved it. Could you be our next secret storyteller? Let Miss Woods know. And remember......shhhhhhhh!


What a brilliant  story about a puppy! It’s great when parents bring in their child’s favourite book and share it with the class. If your child loves a story, there’s a very good chance the rest of the class will love it as well! Thank you so much to the parents who have come in to share a book with the class so far. Could you be next..?


We were just settling down for our usual story time when in walked another parent with a choice of three books for us! We were delighted! Who could be our next secret storyteller....? If you would like to try it, please tell Miss Woods but not your child as it’s great to see their faces when their grown up walks in!!


We thought it was fantastic when a parent appeared to read to us today! And what a brilliant book all about designing an amazing car. It gave us lots of ideas for designing things ourselves. Could you be our next super secret storyteller? We would love it if you could.

Secret Storyteller 2

We couldn’t believe our luck when Mrs Hayes arrived to read to us at story time. The children love having different grown ups read to them. Could you be our next Secret Storyteller? Please let Miss Woods know if you would like to do it. 

Secret Storyteller 1

The children were delighted when PC Martin appeared at story time and read Stickman to them!


Could you be our next secret Storyteller.........?