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September 2016

28th September 2016

This morning the Evening Telegraph came to take our class photo! Look out for us in the paper this week or next week! Miss Earl has put lots of well done stickers in reading diaries for reading at home at least three times! Keep it up everyone - can she give even more stickers out next week?

16th September 2016

Our class has had 100% attendance this week! Well done everyone and enjoy your weekend!

14th September 2016

Today, we had our class photo taken! We were really patient in the hall, waiting while the different groups got organised and smiled for the camera! 

13th September 2016

We went to do sports for the first time this morning! Mr Fell takes us for sports. We went in the hall and learnt a new game - "Tiggy Scarecrow"! We will do sports every Tuesday morning. We also met Miss Jeannie today - she will come to do circle times with us every Tuesday as well. 

9th September 2016
What a busy but amazing week this has been! I am very impressed with how well the children have settled in - we have had lots of new routines to learn. The children should be extremely proud of themselves for coping with everything so well. There are lots of lovely smiley faces in the classroom and the children are making brilliant relationships with each other and with the adults. We went to our school celebration assembly on Friday morning. The children sat beautifully in the hall with all of the older children there too. Miss Earl had to choose one child to receive a special certificate for making a good start to the term. It was a very hard choice, but the certificate was awarded to Zak for being helpful, kind and caring. Zak is always on the lookout for children who look a little bit lost or worried - he offers to play with them and helps them to find the toys and resources that they need. 

Miss Earl

Friend Song

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