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Spring Term

Spring Term 2 - Animals


At the end of Spring Term 1, we surveyed the children in Nursery to find out which topics were of interest to them.  The most popular theme to emerge was 'Animals'.  


With this in mind, our learning this half term will explore different types of animals including:


  • Pet animals
  • Farm Animals
  • Wild Animals
  • Water Animals

How many different kinds of animals can you name?

What is your favourite animal?  Why?

Perhaps you could draw a picture of your favourite animal. 


A visitor from  'Zoolab' will bring some animals in  for us to learn about.







We are going to be reading the story of Supertato.

Have you read this story at home?  

We are going to be searching for the evil pea!

Miss Lee presents Supertato

A heroic spud and an evil pea battle it out in the supermarket!