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"The Adventures of Bear" - weekend diary

We have an extra member of our class! Bear likes to go home with children on Friday evenings and to come back to school on Mondays! He sits and watches all week before choosing who he would like to go and visit. He loves to join in with whatever children normally do at the weekend - he is not picky. He has a special diary to record the fun times. He loves it if children and their parents can help fill it up by writing a note about what they have done together, and by maybe adding some photos or drawings. 

15th-17th December 2017: bear met lots of dinosaurs and went to a swimming lesson!

8th December 2017: bear enjoyed dressing up and meeting lots of family!

1st December: bear met a naughty elf this weekend!

24th-26th November 2017: bear enjoyed a family get together!

17th-19th November: bear enjoyed meeting another dog, siblings and cousins and posting letters to Santa!

10th-12th November 2017: bear enjoyed meeting some very big dogs!

3rd-5th November 2017: bear enjoyed seeing fireworks!

October half term: bear had a lovely time!

13th-15th October 2017: bear was kept busy with football and birthday celebrations!

6th-8th October 2017: Bear enjoyed dancing, singing and a trip to the Humber Bridge!