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The Adventures of Westie Berkeley Bear

We have an extra member of our class. His name is Westminster Berkeley Bear. He is called Westie for short, because that's a very long name for a little bear! He likes to visit people for the weekend and spend time doing whatever they have planned. He is very well behaved and doesn't eat very much!

When he comes he brings his diary with him. If you can draw some pictures or add some photographs and write a little bit about what you did at the weekend then he can share what he did with us when he comes back on Monday.

Westie’s busy half term fun. Staying in a caravan and visiting the seals.

Westie's fun weekend. A party and a visit to the park!

Westie's busy weekend. Watching gymnastics and going to two parties!

Westie’s weekend of celebrations. Fireworks and a christening

Westie’s tasty weekend. Eating roast dinner and baking chocolate chip cookies...

Westie’s lucky weekend, going shopping and being given a new sleeping bag.

Westie’s quiet weekend- shopping and dressing up

Westie’s weekend of celebrations- a party and sitting by the Christmas tree.

Westie’s theatrical weekend- a visit to the pantomime and playing with the elves!

Westie’s Christmas holiday- sharing family celebrations, yummy food and seeing in the new year.

Westie’s weekend of birthday celebrations- shopping and wearing party clothes

Westie,s weekend of new experiences- meeting the builders and meeting a dog

Westie’s quiet weekend in.

Westie’s half term adventures- birthday parties, fun at the park and a ride on a double decker bus!

Westie’s weekend of birthday celebrations- a birthday meal, a birthday party and Blyton ice cream!

Westie’s snowy weekend- watching movies and making snowmen...

Westie joins in with Mother’s Day

Westie’s weekend- his first visit to a funfair.

Westie’s weekend of shopping and bowling.

Westie’s Easter holiday - Easter eggs and a funfair

Westie goes shopping in town

Westie’s weekend of films and fun

Westie’s weekend of spectating - at swimming and football

Westie’s weekend of fun - birthday celebrations, making and playing.