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wb 19.11.18

This week is Nursery Rhyme week. Throughout the week, we will be using lots of different rhymes, but the main one that we will keep re-visiting will be This Is The House That Jack Built. We will also be sending some rhymes home for you to learn with your child - we will offer some small prizes to children who can memorise the rhymes by the end of the week!


In phonics, we will introduce l and ll. We will continue to use letters we already know to blend to read and segment to spell simple words. We will also be practising segmenting to spell, listening for all the sounds in three letter words.


In maths, we will be focussing on 2D shapes. We will be playing a game that uses shapes to build a house (linking to the rhyme This Is The House That Jack Built).


Our circle time this week will be around the golden rule "we listen".

Nursery Rhymes

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