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wb. 30th April 2018

In phonics we are going to focus on a trigraph - air. We will also be revising all of the digraphs that we have so far introduced and will recap b / d.


In maths we will focus on addition - having a go trying hard to use counting on as a method to find answers and recording in simple ways.


We have whole class and small group times each day where key objectives are introduced and practised. Children then have opportunity to consolidate and practise these skills (and much more) through adult supported play and exploration across the week.  


Our book of the week continues to be A Place Called Home. We will be focussing on a part of the story where the children land on frosty planet. To help, could you upload to Tapestry any pictures you have from the recent snowy weather, visits to cold places or pictures of creatures that usually live in cold places (for example you may have photos of animals from wildlife park visits). We will share stories about cold places at story time too - if you have any at home, feel free to send them in for us to share.