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wb. 4th December 2017

In phonics we will be revising all of the letters so far introduced. We will also be blending to read - especially with the ll, ss, ff and ck digraphs.


In maths, we will be counting accurately and adding.


We have a short phonics and maths activity on the carpet each day. The staff will then run group and individual games and support key learning objectives through play throughout the week. The children will be encouraged to join in with these. 


The book of the week will be Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson. We will have lots of activities relating to the story going on all week.

Buzzing for Books: Sharing a Shell - by Julia Donaldson

ADD 'EM UP! (song for kids about adding +1 up to ten)

Alphablocks C, K, CK - Kick