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wb. 4th June 2018

We have been doing some phonics checks and have noticed that the digraphs ai, oa and ow are catching quite a lot of children out: they appear in the middle of lots of words and look look quite similar to one another. In phonics this week we will be focussing on these to try and sort them out!


In maths we will be subtracting by counting back. We will also still have the 3D shapes around the unit: children have really enjoyed building models with them and are showing off their knowledge of the 3D names.


We have whole class and small group times each day where key objectives are introduced and practised. Children then have opportunity to consolidate and practise these skills (and much more) through adult supported play and exploration across the week.  


We will continue to refer to A Place Called Home in the build up to our trip to see it at The Baths Hall (we have counted up and found that there are 42 days between now and then)! Our main topic is going to change to focus on growing and living things. We will start this week with a book to stimulate ideas called A Tiny Seed.

The Tiny Seed Eric Carle