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"What a Star" - celebration assembly awards

23rd March 2018: for keeping trying and concentrating, which is helping her to progress.

16th March 2018: for keeping trying, even when things are tricky, and for being so proud of the results!

9th march 2018: for his sheer enthusiasm!

23rd February 2018: for being such a willing and involved member of the class who takes everything in and is making great progress!

9th February 2018: for her "I can do it attitude"!

2nd February 2018: for gaining so much confidence that she is writing constantly and independently!

26th January 2018: for trying really hard to blend to read words and for being so proud of himself now he can do it!

19th January 2018: for being so interested and enthusiastic about everything from cutting, sticking, drawing, balancing and climbing to reading, writing and maths!

12th January 2018: for keeping trying to write his name and for his in depth knowledge of everything to do with dinosaurs!

1st December 2017: for showing great persistence and concentration, particularly with practising handwriting patterns!

24th November 2017: for showing great kindness and a caring attitude towards other children!

17th November 2017: for trying hard with everything, but in particular for making some great pictures using 2D shapes!

10th November 2017: for keeping on trying and now being able to have a good go at writing his name and reading letter sounds!

3rd November 2017: for working hard at home as well as at school to learn letter sounds.

20th October 2017: for fantastic problem solving skills and thoughtful responses at all times!

13th October 2017: for being such a confident, imaginative, friendly and smiley member of the class!

6th October 2017: for being such a friendly girl, who always has a smile and does "the right things" at "the right times"!

29th September 2017: for being super organised and not letting the Reception bad fairy hide his jumper or bags!

22nd September: for settling in so well to Reception and for being such a helpful and friendly girl!

15th September 2017: for excellent listening to instructions and learning of Reception routines.