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What a Star! - Celebration Assembly

11th May 2018 - for good application of phonic skills during reading activities and also applying his developing comprehension skills to answer questions about what he has read.

4th May 2018 - for trying really hard with his writing, focusing really hard on his letter formation

27th April 2018 - For becoming more confident in applying her phonics skills in her reading and writing.

20th April 2018- For persistence when playing a Maths game outside, keeping on trying until he mastered a technique he found hard.

23rd March 2018 - for being really involved with our Traditional Tales theme. She is becoming more confident to apply her phonic skills to write.

16th March 2018- For becoming much more confident in applying her phonics skills independently when reading and writing

9th March 2018- For working on listening for sounds and beginning to hear sounds at the beginning and ends of words.

23rd February 2018- For excellent maths work, playing games independently and helping his friends to play the games.

9th February 2018- For being really involved in the maths activities linked to the Traditional Tales we have been reading, independently using language of size as he works.

2nd February 2018- for becoming more confident to try more challenging activities, persisting when she finds it difficult and keeping going until she succeeds.

26th January 2018- For trying hard at everything he does. His confidence in solving maths problems and answering questions about stories has grown in the last few weeks

19th January 2018- For working well as part of a group making a trap for the wolf, listening to others’ ideas and playing a great part in the team.

19th January 2018- for working really hard on her writing, keeping on practising until she can write her name without using her name card

1st December 2017- For being kind, thoughtful and polite and trying her best at everything she does.

24th November 2017- For trying really hard to write her name on her pictures.

17th November 2017- For sharing without being asked

10th November 2017: for being extremely helpful and always tidying away toys before going to play somewhere else!

3rd November 2017: for fantastic blending to read real and silly words!

20th October 2017: for gaining confidence to talk and share ideas with adults and children!

13th October 2017: for always remembering to put her name on her drawings and paintings.

13th October 2017: for always listening carefully in class activity times.

29th September 2017: for becoming a happy, confident and popular member of the class, despite being a little unsure at the beginning of the year!

22nd September - for settling into school so well and so quickly!

smiley 15 September 2017

15th September 2017: for being really helpful in the Reception Unit.