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January 2021 plans


Arrangements for partial school opening

Effective Wednesday 6th January 2021


I hope that you and your family are well and thank you once again for your continued support over this very challenging period.  As you read this newsletter, with the changes and adjustments, please be assured that the safety of children, families and staff is our priority and is always at the forefront of our decisions.  The school’s leadership team, including governors, recognise the importance and the seriousness of the decision to close schools once again to the majority of pupils.   At all times, we will continue to be guided by Government and Local Authority advice and our overriding focus will be on ensuring that school is as safe as we possibly can make it for those who continue to attend.


To ensure that we are fully prepared to receive your children kindly support us with the arrangements and expectations cited in this letter. As we once again try this out, there may be changes along the way and we must be flexible to adapt. This newsletter is to be as transparent as possible, with our community, in our procedures during this period. We ask that you read it carefully and discuss this with your children in a child friendly way so they understand what the expectations of them and their behaviour will be and to prepare them to come back to school.  These procedures will be in place until further notice.


Home Learning

For the children that will not be attending school we will be using remote learning to provide education for children.  This will be done using Tapestry for Nursery and Reception.  For Years 1 to 6 this will be done using Google classroom, using the links the children had previously.  Support for this will be on the school website on the Home Learning page, we are just setting this up and plan on the first lessons being ready tomorrow.   Next week, Monday to Thursday, we will begin ‘live’ lessons each day.  Y1 and Y2 will be story-telling, show and tell, checking in with any queries on work, etc.  Y3 to Y6 will be more formal input for Maths and English.  Maths will be on a Monday and Wednesday, English will be on a Tuesday and Thursday.  The times for these are:





























We have tried to stagger times to allow siblings to access the live lessons.  It may be you have siblings at the same time, if this is the case please contact us so we can see if we can solve this issue.  If you cannot access the live lesson at this time, the recording of it will be available afterwards for you to look at.  We will be setting three lessons every day (English, maths and a foundation subject) which should take at least 3 hours a day.  We will provide feedback at least weekly for English and maths activities. 


Government essential measures include:

  • a requirement that people who are ill stay at home
  • robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  • enhanced cleaning arrangements
  • active engagement with NHS Track and Trace
  • formal consideration of how to reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible and minimise potential for contamination so far as is reasonable and practicable. 
  • Children will be in year group bubbles but we cannot guarantee they will be 2m apart from each other.
  • Staff to maintain distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible.
  • Our staff may choose to wear some form of PPE.



Please do support the decisions that we make, even if they negatively affect your own arrangements. The logistics have been very difficult to pull together, taking various factors into consideration. Sincere gratitude, once again, for all your support and patience at this time.  Take care and continue to stay safe; you are all in our thoughts. 


Anna Cvijetic (Headteacher)




Kindly adhere to any markings/signs around the school – thank you!

Critical Workers and Vulnerable Children attending school

Children’s Groups

  • Each child will be placed in a year group bubble.  Nursery and Reception will be in a bubble together.
  • Children will be encouraged to keep a reasonable distance from their peers and staff.

Office/Communication/Contact with Staff

Start and End of the Day

  • Carers are NOT allowed to enter the school building and the main office will be CLOSED to visitors.
  • Any communication you have for a member of staff e.g. Class Teacher, SENDCo, Family Worker, should be made by either telephoning the school office or by email. This will be passed on to the relevant staff who will then make contact with you.
  • There will be no contact with staff at the start and end of the school day. Any issues please see above point.
  • There will be no meetings with parent / carers and external services within our premises.  Where possible these will be done through telephone / video conferencing.
  • The day will start at 9am, but the doors will be open from 8.50am to allow a staggered start into school. 
  • The day will finish at 3.15pm.
  • Please ensure you are on time to drop off and pick up each day.
  • Parents must wear masks at all times when on school premises and maintain 2m distance from other families and staff.

Health and Hygiene

Entrance for the start and end of the day

  • Each classroom has access to a sink which children will frequently use to wash their hands.  They will wash their hands each time they enter the classroom and before they eat.
  • Each classroom has tissues. ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach is promoted.
  • Each classroom has cleaning cloths and spray disinfectant which will be used as and when required during the day.
  • Tables will be cleaned before lunch time.
  • The Local Authority’s cleaning service will continue to support with cleaning at the end of each day.
  • Our staff may be wearing some form of PPE.
  • Long hair should be tied back to avoid touching around the face.
  • Children should not wear PPE equipment (as stated by the Government) in school.
  • Infant carers may access the infant playground.  Junior parents must drop off and collect from the junior car park and will not be allowed past the entry gates onto the junior playground.
  • There will be a one way system through gates for Reception and Nursery to enter and exit the playgrounds, please follow the signs.  You will enter past the infant building entrance, round the side of the infant building, past the school kitchen and exit through the top junior car park gate.  Nursery will be taught in the Reception building. 
  • Year 1 will enter and exit through the main infant entrance.
  • There will be a one way system through gates for Year 2 to enter and exit the playgrounds, please follow the signs.  You will enter through the ‘Mickey gates’ and exit through the top junior car park gate.  Year 2 will enter and exit through the Year 2 door at the back of school off the quad.
  • All Year 3 classes and Year 5 children will enter and exit through the gate past the Junior kitchen.  Year 3 will use a door at the side of the building to enter and exit. Year 5 will go in through the cloakroom door by Mr Leek’s classroom.
  • All Year 4 and 6 will enter through their ‘normal gate’ by the junior bike sheds.  Year 4 will go in the Y4 entrance and Year 6 will go in the cloakroom door by Mr Spencer’s classroom. 
  • Carers must ensure ‘social distancing’ from other carers, children and staff.
  • To reduce the number of people around school, please send only one adult to drop off and collect your child.

In the Classroom


  • In Y1 to 6 the children will sit at tables facing the front of the classroom and will be distanced from each other.
  • Early years classrooms will be as normal.
  • Children will spend most of their day at their table.
  • We aim to keep year groups together. This means children cannot mix with other year groups whilst in the school building.
  • Lessons will involve a lot of independent learning and staff will be at the front of the class keeping social distance.
  • All items that children need will be provided for them. They will each be given their own stationery, e.g. a pack with writing tools, scissors, etc.
  • Children should not bring their book bag or any other equipment.
  • Children should have a drink with them, no water fountains or water dispensers will be in use.
  • All children will eat at their tables in their classroom.
  • School meals will be available to purchase, and this will be a cold or hot grab bag which will be delivered to their classroom by kitchen staff.  Those that are entitled to free meals will not pay.
  • Nursery, Year 1 to 6 children may bring their own packed lunches. Reception to Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal.
  • Any child who has a packed lunch must be able to manage the contents of their lunch box without adult intervention (e.g. they must be able to peel their banana, or open their yoghurt pot or sachet themselves). It is advisable to send a disposable spoon for yogurt pots as these will not be available from the kitchen. They will also need to bring a drink.
  • The children may go on the playground at set times in the allocated play space for their group – they must remain within this space during outdoor playtimes. 


Lates and Early Pick-ups


  • We will allow flexibility in drop off and pick up times to fit work patterns.  Children should only attend whilst you are at work.  As soon as you finish work your child should be collected.
  • Please go to the main office to drop off a child that is later than 9am or you will collect before 3.15pm.  The office staff will arrange for your child to be brought whilst you wait outside the building. 
  • You must collect your child by 3.15pm and must not be late.
  • The school’s website has an appendix to the main school policy on behaviour; please take a moment to read this.
  • To stipulate, ANY child who does not adhere to an adult’s instructions, does not keep a reasonable distance when instructed to do so, will have a consequence to face. It is vital that all staff and children are kept safe at all times.
  • There will be no positive handling or physical restraints of any child except in an emergency. If positive handing techniques have to be used on a child, this will be noted and the parent will be informed. There is a limit to how often this can happen especially as the close proximity to the child and intense communication poses more risk to both parties – adult and child. Again, ALL children and staff must be kept safe.


Around School


  • There will be next to no movement by children out of their classroom within the school building.  They will not be sent with messages to other classrooms or to the offices.
  • Children that are attending school will be completing the remote learning tasks set. 
  • Additional tasks will be set by staff that are supervising them if necessary. 



PE / Outdoors 

  • Children are to come to school in clean school uniform daily (see PE).
  • If children wear shoes with laces, they MUST be able to tie these themselves. Those who can’t, should come to school in shoes without laces.


  • Children will be allocated a PE/Sports slot a week.  

Tuesday – Year 2 and 3

Wednesday – Year 6

Thursday – Year 1 and 5

Friday – Year 4

  • Children should attend school in their PE kit on this day. 
  • This will be outdoors, but contact sports will be avoided and equipment will be sterilised.

Display of Symptoms

First Aid and Medication

  • We will not accept any child who is displaying any signs of illness, especially Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Any child displaying symptoms will need to be collected immediately and the family must isolate following the Government guidelines.  Children are eligible to be tested and parents can arrange this.  The child will need a clear test before returning to school.
  • If someone else in your household is displaying symptoms, your child / children should not come to school and we should be informed immediately. The family must isolate following the Government guidelines. 
  • We will follow DfE and Local Authority guidelines on next steps for the class in which the child has been working in if there is a positive test.
  • Our website has a lot of Government information on COVID-19.
  • If children fall over or have a toileting accident, they will be encouraged to change themselves and clean their scrape or cut under adult direction.  This is to encourage independence.  If it is not possible for the child, due to the age and level of maturity, to clean themselves in the event of an accident, then our usual procedures apply.
  • Any child with a serious illness or underlying condition should follow the Government guidance.
  • If your child uses an inhaler, they should come to school on the first day with one in a clear, plastic zip wallet, labelled with their name. This will be kept in their classroom in a lockable cupboard and they will be expected to self-administer.
  • We will not be able to administer any other medication at school apart from inhalers or where it has been agreed under a medical plan. This is different to our usual policy.