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Book Club

In Year 5, all children will be involved in Book Club. We aim to expose children to different text types and a wide variety of authors and themes throughout the year. During the school day, children will read a section of a text chosen by the teacher, for approximately 20 minutes every day, within a small group. As well as reading and listening to each other, there is opportunity for lots of discussion and 'book talk'. At the end of each session, the children will be set a short homework assignment, for example, to read the approximately 10 pages of their text, in preparation for the next day's Book Club session. There will be an expectation of two written responses per week, e.g. a book review. This reading homework can be done independently, or with an adult. Therefore, children will need to take their book home every day and bring it back to school the next day, in an excellent condition. If they are unable to complete their homework task at home, we give the children the opportunity to do this at break time in advance of their next Book Club session.