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In Design and Technology, we designed, made and evaluated pneumatic opening coffins. 



We celebrated British Science Week with visitors from the college. 



We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up and reading a wordless picture book called 'The Midnight Fair' which generated some brilliant discussion.

We were visited by the poet Ian Bland. He performed some poems and then taught us how to write and perform our own. 


As part of our PE lessons we have been learning to swim. Here we are outside The Pods.

Inspire Afternoon

During our inspire afternoon, we practised our colour mixing and colour matching skills to create class artworks linked to our History theme.


In art, we studied the work of Inji Aflatoun. We identified how colour can be used to influence or reflect mood. We then created our own Egypt inspired landscapes applying what we had learnt about colour. 

We were also inspired by the work of Jane McKeating to create embroidered art work based on soundwaves. We practised stitching before creating a visual representation of the sound of our voice. We then stitched this onto felt. 


In RE, we were learning about how Jesus acted as a bridge between Christians and God. 


In science we have learned about the digestive system and the types and functions of teeth. We have also been learning about how sound is made.


In Music, we learnt about triads and created our own compositions.