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- EAL (English as an additional language)

At Berkeley Primary School we value and celebrate the linguistic and cultural background of all our children.  We encourage children to value their languages, read in their languages and share their languages and culture with their peers.  We recognise that being bilingual / multilingual brings many social and educational benefits.  


Meet the language buddies                                                            


We are very proud that there are around twenty different languages spoken in our school!



The Language Buddies are a very enthusiastic group of children.  Their role is to support children who share their languages and children who are new to the school.  The Buddies have proved very valuable in helping to reassure and support new starters.  They are proud of their language skills and enjoy teaching their classmates about their language and heritage.  These skills are valued and recognised by their classmates and staff around the school. 


Please click on 'EAL in school' to see more lovely photos of our amazing Language Buddies!