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Google Classroom Help

Google classroom can be accessed online or via an app on Android or apple devices. Just search ‘Google Classroom’ in your app store. Online, Google Classroom works best on Google Chrome.

Please see this guide on how to find feedback on Google Classroom

A PDF can be downloaded below.

Top Tips:

  • When opening a document attached to an assignment, please make sure you are still trying to view it using your child’s school account.
  • If you can't see any attached documents and you think that you should be able to, try logging out and logging in again.
  • Once you have turned in your work, you will be unable to access or edit it until your teacher returns it to you. You can unsubmit your work if you wish to make changes before your teacher sees it.

Adding photos of hand written work or practical activities.

If you want to do work on a piece of paper or you have been asked to do a practical activity and share a picture, this can be done on both computers and mobile devices... 


Laptop/Computer : (watch from 2:05- this link should start the video at that time anyway)



Written instructions:

  1. Tap the class and then tap the assignment.
  2. Tap Your Work.
  3. To attach an item:
    1. Tap Add attachment.
    2. Tap Drive , Link , Upload , Take photo , or Record video .
    3. Select the attachment and tap Select.

See this helpful guide to using Google Classroom on YouTube.

I have also posted a PDF of the presentation below.