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6 Oak


Welcome to the home of 6 Oak!


Teacher: Mrs. Marsh

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Cowling will be with us each morning and Mrs. Graves and Miss Talbot will be working with us during afternoon sessions. 


Take a look below to see what we get up to throughout the year! 


Summer in 6 Oak

We can't wait to show you what we are up to this term. It is always such a lovely and special time being the last term the children have left with us.

Our Super Spring Term

Our topics this term are 'Light Fantastic' and 'Ancient and Modern Greece'. In Light Fantastic, we investigate how humans see and how light travels. In our topic Ancient and Modern Greece, we look at the impact Ancient Greece has had on Great Britain and the chronology of Ancient Greek events, and where it fits into world history; through looking at a variety of sources and using our skills of historical enquiry. 

Fabulous Footballers

Well done to Alfie and Alfie for being part of the school team making it all the way to the final of their recent school football competition. Mr Spencer was very proud as were all of us in 6 Oak! Well done, boys!

100% Attendance Award Winners

A huge well done to these children for managing to attend school everyday of the autumn term. I wonder how many will be able to keep it up and get 100% for autumn and spring combined? A special mention to Temi for also attending school every day since he started with us!

Dress to Express

We had a lovely day dressing to express, last week. The children came to school dressed in some amazing and brightly coloured clothes. 

Our Awesome Autumn Term

6 Oak have already made such a wonderful start to the autumn term. Every child in the class has settled in to the new roles as the oldest in the school perfectly! 




In our English lessons, we have been looking at some drama conventions and in this lesson we looked at Freeze Frames. This is a way we could get across the emotions of the characters really effectively. Look at some of the amazing poses and acting below when our children were becoming the characters from Street Child.


This term, the children have worked really hard on their Drop Down Days. One such example was the day we spent looking at The Golden Age of Islam. Take a look below at an example of the lovely work that was created. 

Our Mapping Skills

We have been looking at lots of maps and map symbols. Recently, we looked at OS maps and had great fun locating lots of landmarks and places local to us. Have a look below at us in action. 



Our Super Suspension Bridges

The children did us proud this week by designing and constructing their own suspension bridges. The outcome was so good and this was all down to how hard they worked and how well they all got on in their teams! TWO CLASS POINTS, 6 OAK! One for the wonderful outcome and one for how well you all worked together!

Well done!

Our First Y6 Trip

Last week, we were able to visit North Lincolnshire Museum in Scunthorpe town centre. Then, after a delicious lunch, we made our way to the Steelworks where we were lucky enough to go on a guided train tour. It was fascinating! Back in class, we wrote a recount of the day and it was fair to say that we all had such a great time, learnt a lot of new facts and experienced part of our own town that we had not seen before!

Some of the things we heard all about:

- The villages that made up our now town of Scunthorpe

- How the area we live in had changed over time due to the development of the Steelworks

- The Scunthorpe Crest

- Roland Winn

- Artefacts that had been found over many years in our surrounding areas

... and so much more!

We especially loved being archaeologists! 

We started our year by creating some class rules and recorded this on the Class Agreement page of our board book. Take a look below to see how lovely it looked! It is already brightening up our classroomIt was heartening to hear all the suggestions and kind things that the children wanted to add.

National Poetry Day

We had a lovely time on National Poetry Day, this year. After learning all about Kenning poetry, we worked together in pairs to write our own - all linked to this year's theme: The Environment. We then watched and took part in the BBC Live Lesson. Next we shall be copying up our poems in best to create ourselves a Class Poetry Book! We can't wait to share some of these with you!

More Lovely Art Lessons

We were lucky enough to have Mrs Cvijetic teach our class earlier this week. She taught us all about an artist from Yorkshire called Hannah Nunns. She designs beautiful things for the home, from wallpaper to lamps. She loves nature and applies this to her work; just like William Morris! Take a look below at us in action; finding beautiful leaves, plants and flowers to draw and then us doing some close observational drawing studies of them.

A lovely lesson. Thank you, Mrs C!

More William Morris

We have had a great time learning all about the artist and designer, William Morris. We have now created our own designs which have been inspired by his work and used them to create our own wallpaper designs. Take a look.

Electricity Work

The children followed on brilliantly from the Electricity unit and have completed some lovely double page spreads on the topic. Have a look below at some of their beautiful work. 

William Morris

We have really enjoyed learning all about William Morris. He was well-known for his wallpaper designs which took inspiration from nature. We have done lots of work leading up to our next step which shall be creating our own wallpaper designs. 

Check back to see what they look like! 

Our Beautiful Blooms for the Queen

Inspire Day - Autumn Term

We were lucky enough to be the first class in the whole school to take part in an Inspire Afternoon. This is where we invited in our families to work with us for the afternoon. 

We chose to look more closely at some of the key events of the Victorian Era. 

Mrs. Marsh was incredibly proud of the work we created and lots of teachers even commented on how lovely our finished work was! Take a look below for yourself!

Our Wonderful Buddies

These children were chosen for their kind and caring side (a popular trait in our class). They have already made their mark and have been supporting lots of other children throughout the school. An excellent job, 6 Oak Buddies!

Science in 6 Oak

This term, we have been learning about Electricity. We had a whole science day recently, working with circuit equipment, and the children worked so hard! I was so impressed!

Our Eco-Ambassador

At Berkeley Primary, we try really hard to look after the environment. In order to make sure we do this to the best of our ability, we have a lovely group of children called our Eco-Ambassadors. Our ambassador is Lily and we know she will do a wonderful job! Keep checking back to see how she gets on and to learn about the jobs she has to do.

Our School Councillors

Each and every one of the children that wanted to be a School Councillor did the class proud with their speech. We are lucky enough to have so many mature children.

The final decision came down to a class vote and the lovely Aven was chosen as our Lead School Councillor, with Braxton coming a very close second and therefore becoming our Vice Councillor. An excellent job, you two! Very well done.

Our Language Buddies

We have so many helpful children in 6 Oak. These two, Aven and Khizr, are working wonders when performing their roles as Language Buddies. Great work!