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Celebration Awards

The children are all making such a good start to the year. Please keep looking out below for who has particularly shone each week!


A huge well done to Dylan for making the most wonderful start to his time here at Berkeley. We are so pleased you are with us, Dylan. 


A huge well done to Kayden for being a superstar in Mrs Graves' PE lessons. Great work, Kayden .


Well done to Karin and Kensey for their wonderful work linked to the Victorian workhouses. Well deserved certificates, girls!


Leo has been working really hard on his presentation and I am so impressed. Well done, Leo. Keep it up!


Lennon could pick this award up every week. He thorough deserves to be at the front holding his certificate. He works as hard as it is possible to work all the time and makes me a very proud teacher. Well done, Lennon! I would say to keep it up but I already know that you will!


Well done, Callum. You always work so hard and love a challenge. Keep up that determination.


A huge well done to Summer for being last week's recipient in the Celebration Assembly! Always working so hard and contributing. Keep it up, Summer!


A big well done to Jackleigh for being the most recent recipient of the Celebration Assembly certificate. You have been and continue to try really hard in all your work with Mrs Cowling and we could not be prouder of you!


Well done to Olivia for being the first person in the class to receive the Celebration Assembly certificate. I have been so impressed with you and this award was for your impeccable presentation in every single lesson! Something that always makes me a happy teacher. Well done again, Olivia! Keep up the hard work.


I have been spoilt for choice and could have chosen so many children to receive the first certificates in assembly but the two for making a great start went to Christina and Alex! Really well done for working so hard this week, 6 Oak!