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Y6 Garden - The Quad Squad!

This year, we have been tasked with looking after the quad in between the year 6 classrooms. We can't wait to take you on the transformation journey with us! 

Please take a look below at our 'before' pictures - as you can see, it is not in any useable state at the minute. We have already started a little tidying up and the real work is going to begin after half term! We are going to make this into a beautiful area where we can spend our time, amongst other things, reading, drawing and relaxing!

To start with, the teachers went in to make sure anything broken or heavy was cleared out of the space. Then we started weeding. It is looking much better already!

Now the weather is warming up, we have been able to get back out into the quad and start making some real changes. The the help of the very knowledgeable Mrs Cowling, we have really starting to make our quad look lovely. We have even been using the soil from the mole hills around the site to add great goodness to our 'no dig' area. We are already seeing signs of life and can't wait to see it bloom. 

Please keep checking back to see what is happening in our lovely quad!

Look at the transformation so far!!

what a transformation

Our lovely little gnomes are feeling much more at home now. What shall we call them?

Hey, Gnomes!

Our Garden is blooming!

Our garden really has transformed over the spring and as the weather starts to warm up (and also stay very wet!!), we are constantly kept busy with lots of weeding. The children are doing a great job and were keen to get going again straight after the SATs week. It is looking more and more lovely by the day! A special thank you to Mrs Cowling for all her wonderful help and additions to our garden!