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Our spring 1 topic is Heroes.


We have read lots of wonderful books about real life heroes and about fictional heroes.


Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero is an exciting book about adventure and it contains lots of ambitions vocabulary. We looked at some words (e.g. lion tamer, mountaineer, sleuth, glacier, anchor) and discussed their meanings. We then used these words to write ambitious sentences.


Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero

Uploaded by Books with Miss Bee on 2021-01-18.

Fruit Kebab

Instruction Writing


We designed and made a delicious fruit kebab. The children used their skills to cut up fruit and skewer it. 

The children then wrote a set of instructions.

Fruit Kebab

Max by Bob Graham Storybook

Superhero storybook read aloud.

In February, Max sent the children a letter. He told them more about his life and what he was doing at the weekend. The children wrote Max a letter back. 

Letter to Max